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Nothing like some good voodoo magic to get me back to blogging. We have found a somewhat local NAET practitioner (30 min drive as opposed to the 60 min drive I was prepared to make. Mason has had a terrible cough for months now. It has been determined by his pediatrician that it is related to allergies, which is what I suspected, but so far every last thing they have recommended has not worked. And yes, I did give it a chance! So we are trying NAET again and hoping we have results as good as when we did NAET with Maiya. Last week was brain balancing, and tonight is egg mix. We will be keeping all egg and chicken related things at least 5 feet from Mason’s energy field for approx 25 hours after treatment. Yes, we are weird. Yes, I really believe this crazy sounding stuff works. I will try to update as we go. Let the voodoo magic begin!


We are headed to see Eve on Friday. In the meantime we are going to do some “voodoo magic” of our own. Tonight I am going to leave a glass jar outside in the backyard to collect pollen and other such things, then tomorrow I will have Mason hold the jar while I tap his back. This might help Mason’s allergies and we may not have to do a full-on treatment on Friday. I know, we just get weirder and weirder over here! If you are familiar with NAET this probably isn’t too odd to read. I think a Mason jar would be appropriate here. I am hoping to find something interesting inside tomorrow morning. Not sure what I am expecting, but it seems exciting! Maybe a slug? A fairy?

In the meantime, OHM Acupuncture has a new website! If you are in the Metro-Denver area looking for a NAET practitioner or just looking for a non-invasive alternative treatment I would highly recommend going to see Eve. She is wonderful, and very effective. If you are just curious about NAET treatments in general, read her FAQ page.

I took the kids to see Eve last week.

After weeks of the flu and then back to back colds I decided enough is enough. I have to do something. Not that I expected her to be able to cure them of the unavoidable colds that kids get when in the presence of other kids, (or what I like to call another round of “parent hazing”) It’s just a stage, it’s just a stage, it’s just a stage… but, I had a feeling that something was irritating them, something seemed out of balance.

We did the muscle testing for Maiya, and let me tell you it was not as easy as it used to be. All she needed to do was sit near me and let me touch her skin with my hand, then Eve could do the testing on me as a surrogate. Ha! I tried to hold my hand on her back, then her leg and she kept pushing me away and trying to crawl away. Somehow Eve managed to get the testing done. It was pretty awesome to see that everything we treated Maiya for in the past she was still holding strong on. It did turn up that Sweet Potatoes and Heat were a problem, so we did a treatment for that. Not bad considering last time we did treatments we had introduced rice cereal and bananas and now she eats EVERYTHING.

While Maiya had the vials in her sock I decided it wouldn’t hurt to test Mason out. He was thrilled to get his own NAET treatment. Whenever he doesn’t feel good he asks me to “bump his back” so finally he got the real thing. Eve did the muscle testing on Mason alone, and then again with me as a surrogate. It still amazes me to see my arm go from strong to jell-0 just by introducing a vial (they all look alike) that has a different name on it. Turns out Mason was very weak on Calcium and Vitamin D and also Grass and weeds. Considering how important Calcium and Vitamin D are we did a treatment right then.

We left Eve’s office with some new herbs-I think my collection of Chinese herbs has surpassed any amount of conventional medicine in our cupboard-and headed to the park for a picnic. We have never done the 25 hour avoidance period. Maiya was around 6 months old last time and her treatments would be strong before we even left the office. So this time Maiya had to avoid sweet potatoes (which happened to be in her apple/carrot juice box) and Mason had to avoid all dairy. He was pretty bummed  about no milk for a day, but he got to have apple juice in exchange. Not a bad trade. We also couldn’t eat the cheesy poofs I had packed, which we really didn’t need to be eating anyway! The avoidance period went well until the end of the night when I caught Mason drinking Maiya’s milk! “But she gave it to me.” I guess Maiya didn’t get the memo. Oops. I sure hope that didn’t mess up his treatment.

We will go back this week to check on the previous treatments and do a grass/weed treatment for Mason. That’s all for now!

Maiya is feeling much better. Of course within hours of Maiya feeling better, Mason took over in the feeling miserable department. Poor kid, he keeps asking me “When will I feel better?” The fact that Maiya puked for a good five days and Mason stopped after one, combined with all of the other symptoms she had makes me think that allergies were part of the problem. Our NAET practitioner is out of town for the week so that forced us to wait and see, which saved us a trip. No data to back up if allergies were involved, so I’m going to chalk that up to “it sucked, and hopefully we don’t have to deal with that for a VERY long time!”

Anyway, we are still housebound, but Maiya seems to be getting cuter by the second…

Last week Mason and then Maiya came down with a nasty cold. Ok, I can deal with that. Then Maiya and then Mason came down with pink eye. I googled “natural remedies for eye infection” and came up with breast milk (all out), and urine. I considered my options and went with the prescription eye drops. I am all for weird natural treatments, but I draw the line at pee! The drops cleared up the infection almost immediately. This was Maiya’s first ever prescription and Mason’s second. Not bad for an almost 2-year-old and a 4-year-old. My point is that I am super lucky that we mostly deal with nasty colds here.


Which is why I am starting to panic slightly considering that Maiya has been puking since Sunday night. Oh shit. I am quite sure that poor baby has puked more times that I have ever seen or done so myself in my 28 years. Oh shit. And on that note, she has also had diarrhea and the nastiest smelling, raunchiest sounding farts in the history of farting.

Maiya has something of a stomach bug…or do you call it the flu…or maybe it is what I think it is. Allergies. Here we go again. Yes, I know I should just accept that she has “something” and let it run its course. Maybe I am being paranoid, but all signs are pointing to allergies from my perspective. Vomit, diarrhea(with what looks like some tiny specs of blood), mild eczema, horrible flatulence. This past week has been a vivid flashback from Maiya’s pre-NAET days. To top it all off I am experiencing a level of overwhelming stress that I have not felt since the allergies cleared up. Except I am dealing with it a lot better these days. Mostly because I have been there and am confident that there is something I can do to help.

The question is: Are her allergies resurfacing because her immune system is down or is she reacting to the eye drops we gave her last week?

I’m going to try to get her in to see Eve tomorrow. Hopefully we can do some muscle testing to see what is bothering my baby girl.

finally getting some sleep

I would like to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude to the universe and all that is connected for the health of my family. Thank you, thank you, and thank you again. No seriously, THANK YOU!

Also, Mason has been a trooper being cooped up with his stressed out mom and sick sister all week. I don’t think he minds the movie marathons much, but every day when Maiya skips her nap out of pure misery he says “Maiya never takes a nap! I want her to take a nap!” He got his yellow belt this week, can count to 50 on his own, and at parent-teacher conferences his teachers raved. I am so proud of Mason! He has been so helpful this week despite getting so much less attention.

Check out what he made out of legos today!

"garbage truck garage"

1 Year, 2 months, 3 weeks later and we are having ZERO problems with food allergies.

Looking back, I had no idea what I was in for. I do not miss for one second being projectile vomited on at 3 in the morning and having to change and clean Maiya, and the chair, and every article of clothing I was wearing, only to have it happen again a few hours later.

Who me?

If you have been reading about our journey with NAET you will already know that I am 100% convinced that NAET “cured” Maiya’s food allergies. But I have to admit that I have not let my guard down completely. I have read stories of people having success with the treatments and then later relapsing and needing “booster” treatments. For something that seems so powerful, yet so simple-no drugs, no surgery, no selling your soul to the devil-I am totally ok with needing to go back and get a few more treatments. And so I still stick my nose in Maiya’s diaper every time she poops to check for blood, and every time she gets a dry patch of skin I get a little panicky. In fact right around the 1 year anniversary of her “normal poop” I noticed that she spit up a couple of times. Just a tiny amount, but I was all “Ok, time to call Eve.” and then a few days later she was fine.

I think in my last update we were starting Maiya on whole milk. She wasn’t too crazy about it at first, but now all you have to do is open the cupboard and she yells “Milk time!” She is a pretty good eater now, and we have been giving her just about anything we eat without restrictions. In fact, I have been so confidant that her treatments are really sticking that I let Maiya try peanut butter. Straight up peanut butter. I know you are supposed to wait until they turn 2, and peanuts was one of the things she tested allergic to. I started out all “No Way. Not taking my chances.” but she has been eating tree nuts with no problems (I know, different food family but it still seemed like a benchmark) and she is only 3 months away from being 2 and we really wanted to have Ants on a Log. I mean come on, Ants on a Log! We don’t eat that much peanut butter, but it would be nice to be able to make a quick PB&J once in a while. ANYWAY, I got a burst of confidence and decided to test it out. We have done 4 peanut butter tests now and have not seen a single sign that she might have peanut issues.

Yes, that is all fine and dandy. We paid someone to do “voodoo”  on our kid and it worked. Lucky us. But what about other issues? I may have given the impression that NAET is a treatment for food allergies. Yes, but it is a treatment for allergies. Here is where it takes a moment to wrap your head around what NAET treats. “Allergies” can be just about anything. It is your body rejecting something and telling you it is not cool. Chemical, physical, or emotional. Your body is reacting to something and asking for help. This can be as basic as a food or seasonal allergy, or as out there weird as being “allergic” to a color and becoming depressed as a result. Think of chronic conditions that you may have to take medication for. IBS, acne, environmental allergies, depression. Could you imagine being able to figure out where these issues are coming from and then reversing them? Sometimes if you are allergic to something you may actually crave it in excess. So NAET is good for weight loss, alcoholism, nicotine addiction.

NAET uses accupressure (like acupuncture but without the needles) and muscle testing(derived from kinesiology). These are not new practices. Maybe it sounds crazy, maybe it doesn’t. I am not trying to get everyone to run out and get treated. I just don’t think enough people know that there are other options out there. Drugs, surgery, dealing with issues on a daily basis. How wonderful if you could fix something without taking pill every day for the rest of your life! There are plenty of alternative treatments out there. This just happens to be one that we have tried and tested. I am not the only one. Check out the links page for more information on NAET and other moms blogging about their experience with the treatments. If you are looking for help and don’t know where to turn next, maybe NAET will be next on your list.

Ok, it has been over a month since the last NAET update when I told you that I was going to start Maiya on whole milk and that it was a really big deal and that there was red(not sure if its blood) in her poop. I don’t know about you but if I was reading my blog I would send me an email pointing out how annoying it is when you don’t update your blog in a timely manner. Seriously! The other day I found myself checking my own blog to see if it was updated and then realized that it was my blog. Oh yeah, do something about that. Lets just say that being a mom of two kids is pretty overwhelming and if my blog hasn’t been updated lately, just imagine what my toilets must look like!

I waited a couple weeks after starting Maiya on whole milk because I wanted to be sure how she was dealing with it before I went around telling everyone that FOR SURE MAIYA WAS CURED OF HER MILK ALLERGY BY NAET.  Also, it took me some time to figure out what that red stuff was in Maiya’s poop. I was convinced it was blood until I realized that I had been letting Maiya eat an obscene amount of watermelon. That baby loves melon. I mean, she will not stop eating it until melon is coming out of her ears. I would try to get her to eat other fruits for a couple days, but then I would mess up and give her red pepper instead. Guess what red pepper looks like in poop…

Now it is official. Maiya has been drinking so much milk that we are now having milk delivered to our house twice a week. And along with cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, and everything else dairy she has been eating I think it is safe to say that FOR SURE MAIYA WAS CURED OF HER MILK ALLERGY BY NAET.

Last weekend we took the kids to an ice cream shop in Denver. It was a hot summer afternoon and I was so happy I could cry, not because my oatmeal raisin ice cream was amazing, but because last year I was convinced that we would never be able to do this with Maiya. Not only does she love ice cream, she was pretty upset that she didn’t get her own double scoop cone. That’s my baby!

I have said it before, but NAET is amazing. When I read Dr. Nambudripad’s book I thought it was way over the top claiming it could cure so many different problems and all because you were “allergic” to crazy things like your own stomach acid, or the color black. It has made me so much more aware of my body and how it reacts to things. Clint and I have actually stopped dairy to see if it would help some issues. Last year when I had to avoid all dairy I felt so much better and my skin was clear and radiant. It would be a lot easier to just get treated by NAET but you know me I like to take the hard route. I also was able to directly link some severe chapped lip episodes to days that I had eaten honey. Weird, but every time I eat honey I have chapped lips that cannot be helped by anything. I realized that most of my natural chapsticks had beeswax in them so that wasn’ t helping either.  So even if NAET is a little too out there for you or you just don’t want to spend the money on treatment, just being aware of your body and what you put into it or expose it to can make a huge difference in how you feel.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us through this journey. It has meant so much to me and helped give me the confidence I needed to help Maiya. To those of you that are going through NAET treatments yourself or trying it with your kids, I wish you the best of luck. You are doing the right thing and there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

no food restrictions here!

Saturday is Maiya’s first birthday!. I can’t believe it has been a year already. It seems like yesterday she was a tiny little baby with a clean slate. Everything to learn and experience ahead of her. I know 1 year isn’t much in the scheme of things, but it just amazes me how much babies learn in their first year. I mean she can crawl up the stairs in the blink of an eye, feed herself with a fork, grab a crayon and crawl up to me and say “Draw.” What I am even more amazed by is that at 2 weeks old Maiya was having severe allergic reactions to what we thought was the milk in my diet. A baby that doesn’t even eat solid food was having serious reactions to the food I was eating(from breast milk). That right there was hard to comprehend for me because Mason has never had a problem with anything he has ever eaten and that kid has had quite the variety of food(“More sashimi Mom!”) So I tried eliminating everything with milk protein out of my diet, no luck. Soy, no luck. and on and on and on. Trial and error turned out to be a whole lot of error. As most of you know, we went against all recommendations by the pediatrician and tried NAET, or as we like to call it here “Voodoo Magic.” Let me tell you, well I guess I have in every post with that title, this stuff is weird. BUT, and this is a HUGE BUT, IT WORKS! It has been 6 months since Maiya had her first normal poop after doing 9 NAET treatments and she has been pooping like a pro ever since.

just me and my cat eon

I know, if you have been following this blog you already know this. Did I just miss writing about poop? Maybe… Actually we have reached a few milestones that I have been very nervous about ever since we stopped NAET treatments. Will we have to go back? What happens when she starts eating foods she was treated for? What happens when Maiya is a year old and she can have whole milk? I seriously believe that NAET worked for us, but in the back of my head I keep wondering how long will it last and what about when she is getting all of these allergens straight from the source?

Lately we have been putting the voodoo magic to the test. A couple of months ago I started giving Maiya yogurt. This was the first real dairy she had ever had and I started noticing that every time she had yogurt she would spit up. Not immediately and not very much. Just sometime during the day she would be crawling around and spit up a quarter sized amount and then crawl right through it.  Then I noticed a few dry spots on her legs that looked like they might be eczema coming back. And that was it. I stopped all dairy and decided to give it another month and try again. (Mind you she has been drinking dairy formula twice a day, and breast milk twice a day with no diet restrictions on my part and she hasn’t had any problems.)

just me and my blanky

So in the past few weeks as Maiya has been demanding more and more freedom by throwing temper tantrums if I don’t let her climb where she wants to, I have given her more food freedom. And oohhhh the poop talk begins again. Corn in her poop, peas in her poop, is that worms? oh wait I think that was an orange. Maiya has been eating cheese and yogurt, and pretty much everything that we eat. For dinner tonight she had turkey chili. I haven’t noticed any severe reactions to all of this new food, but there have been some signs that make me nervous. Little dry patches on her legs, tiny amounts of spit up, and red in her diaper that is still to be determined. First I thought for sure it was watermelon because she could eat a whole watermelon if you let her, then I decided it must be blood, then I remembered she had red pepper that day. So I am trying to keep my cool and trust in NAET. If there is still red in her diaper next week I will bring it with me to her 12 month check up. Oh what a glamorous life it is to be a mom-nose in poop every day and for fun you get to bring old poopy diapers and make strangers investigate it!

Today we reached the big milestone. Today I decided to replace one of Maiya’s bottles with a cup of whole milk. Here is where I realize that Mason-my difficult baby wasn’t so bad sometimes. He was always happy to try new things. I had zero problems weaning him, putting him on a bottle, switching to a cup, switching to milk. “What’s this mom? Oh ok, thanks!” Maiya on the other hand was not to thrilled about missing out on her afternoon bottle. She took a few sips here and there but mostly was not interested. And I was sitting there going “that is whole milk! do you realize how good that is? whole milk, not nasty formula, rich creamy whole milk!” She didn’t get the message. So long story short, we will try again tomorrow maybe with the milk in the bottle for now. Oh yeah I had a point here. Maiya has whole milk in her system! I have no idea how the next few days will go. I am holding my breath and will keep you updated…

just me and my mom

Last week I took Maiya for what should hopefully be her very last NAET treatment. Since Maiya’s poop became normal it has stayed that way. Long enough that I have even stopped inspecting it under a light with the poop 1/2″ from my face. (That and now that she is eating solid food her poop smells terrible, like horse poop to be exact.) Anyway, I am eating an unrestricted diet and Maiya is drinking Dairy formula and eating fruits, veggies and meats and we haven’t had a single poop problem. Oh the freedom!

On a side note, I took Maiya to see her pediatrician a couple weeks ago to check her weight since she was on the lighter side at her last check-up. Her weight is up and everything looks good. The Dr. started to tell me foods I could give Maiya now and she mentioned soy yogurt. I was like, “Dude, we have been over this, Maiya does not have a milk allergy! She drinks dairy formula for goodness sake!” Actually I was much nicer about it, but that was the point I got across and the Dr. laughed and said “To be honest, I’m not sure what to tell you in this situation.” And I was all “thanks for acknowledging this and I think I will keep doing what I feel is best and ignoring the majority of your advice.” honestly, that was a very proud moment for me. Not only did I get a doctor to acknowledge she didn’t know what to do instead of making something up, but the confidence that I have taking care of my kids that only has come from experience surprised me. I was pretty nervous when this all started and had I decided to try “voodoo”  on my baby and go against what her very educated pediatrician wanted me to do. Anyway, it’s a good thing it worked!

Ok, so my side note was longer than the rest of my post. Did you count how many times I typed poop yet?

ANYWAY, we tested Maiya for Vaccines and she had a sensitivity to the MMR Vaccine, DTap, and Thimerisol( the mercury laden preservative that they claim to have taken out of vaccines). So we treated her for those three and by the end of the session Maiya was strong on everything. Who knows if this will really do anything, but for a small price I at least have the peace of mind that I tried everything because I don’t really want to skip any of the vaccines. Next month we will start them again and see how Maiya reacts.

So that is it. As far as I am concerned, NAET REALLY DOES WORK! Try it! It could change your life. I am kind of sad that we are done with our regular visits to Eve. She is a great practitioner and a great person. Maiya loves her. I would highly recommend her (if you are in the Denver area contact her here). But that is it, we are done and we are ALLERGY FREE!

NAET WORKS! Maiya has had two more appointments since her poop has been normal and now it’s official, NAET IS WORKING! We cleared spice mix at the 10th appt. and fish, casein, spleen and large intestine at the 11th appointment. I am eating a completely normal diet now with absolutely no restrictions and nothing has bothered Maiya. We plan on doing one more treatment to clear Maiya of all of the vaccines she has yet to have. This is just precautionary and completely my choice. I delayed her vaccines because her immune system was weak and plan on resuming the process once I feel she is strong enough, but since Eve can muscle test Maiya for all of the vaccines and clear them if she is allergic I will feel much more at ease when we do get her vaccinated.  I have been somewhat skeptical from the beginning, but I believed that it could work and now we are seeing the results and I cannot express how happy I am. Western medicine wasn’t getting us anywhere and Chinese medicine has made all the difference. At Maiya’s last Pediatrician appointment we were told to give her the vaccines anyway, give her formula, put steroid cream on her eczema, and that we should never get a dog because she will probably have lifelong allergies. Oh, and don’t forget the GI specialist that we were referred to who would have put a tube down her throat and up her butt. Now I don’t think the pediatrician was wrong. She gave us advice based on her training and referred us to someone else to be safe. I am just so thankful that there was a better option out there and that I didn’t have to put Maiya through any of that. It is sad that most Western docs don’t want to acknowledge alternative treatments, but I guess you can’t expect them to know everything.

If anyone out there is having problems getting results with Western medicine, you should seriously consider NAET. It can clear all sorts of problems from quitting smoking, IBS, infertility, seasonal and food allergies, the list is ridiculously long, it even claims to help autism. I know it sounds crazy, but really what do you have to lose? The whole process is noninvasive, there are practitioners all over the US and its relatively inexpensive and even covered by some insurances.

We are so thankful that we found out about NAET and that it has worked so well for us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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