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Nothing like some good voodoo magic to get me back to blogging. We have found a somewhat local NAET practitioner (30 min drive as opposed to the 60 min drive I was prepared to make. Mason has had a terrible cough for months now. It has been determined by his pediatrician that it is related to allergies, which is what I suspected, but so far every last thing they have recommended has not worked. And yes, I did give it a chance! So we are trying NAET again and hoping we have results as good as when we did NAET with Maiya. Last week was brain balancing, and tonight is egg mix. We will be keeping all egg and chicken related things at least 5 feet from Mason’s energy field for approx 25 hours after treatment. Yes, we are weird. Yes, I really believe this crazy sounding stuff works. I will try to update as we go. Let the voodoo magic begin!


Mason has been real close to reading for quite a while now. We could tell he was ready, but he just didn’t have the confidence to do it yet. That kid hates making mistakes, and I think that now that he is in kindergarten and he is seeing how easy the work is for him, he is realizing that he is quite capable of reading basic early reader books. It is so exciting watching this click with him. Tonight he picked his bedtime story and announced that HE was going to read it to us! AND HE DID! And he was SO excited! You could tell that he was not just loving all the praise from us, but he is truly proud of himself. Good times, I tell ya, good times.


Mason made us breakfast. All by himself. I was in another room. I had absolutely nothing to do with this. He even poured milk in there. I just can’t get over how much this kid does on his own now. I feel like I will blink and he will be taking the keys to the car to take his girlfriend to the movies. A flying car of course, to another planet where Moms are not allowed.

Getting ready to tour an elementary school, we hop in the car and Maiya says
“this is going to be FUN!”
Mason: Yeah, it will be, if you stop talking like I asked you to.
Maiya: but I’m a gurrrll. I talk!
Mason: I know, but you don’t have to tell me everything!
And then they went back and forth for a good five minutes. Maiya is not planning on limiting her talking anytime this century.

I told Mason he shouldn’t mess with an electrical outlet because he might get shocked.
“What will happen? It will hurt really bad and then my bones will show?”

Maybe we watch a tad too much Tom&Jerry?

#4 Holiday Soundbytes

Mason singing and performing: “Walking around the Christmas tree”

Maiya: I’m so exciting! (translation:excited)


Maiya and Mason in the bathtub

Maiya pointing to masons nipples: what are those for?

Mom: what do you think they are for?

Maiya: peeing


Maiya during Toy Story 3 on Ice: the look of pure joy on her face was priceless

After toy story 3 on ice (totally exhausted and overwhelmed)

“I don’t ever want to do that again”


Maiya came downstairs in the morning and I asked her if she had to go pee?

“Um, I farted in my bed.”
Maiya: “I smell the Dr.”
Mom: “What does it smell like?”
Maiya: “Vegetables”
Clint-after seeing Michael Buble perform on SNL “That guy is awesome. I love his style. We should own his Christmas album!”

It occurred to me that I never get around to doing a birthday post for Mason. Horrible, horrible Mom I am! It’s just a hectic time. Birthday, then party, then Halloween, then post birthday/high-fructose corn syrup overdose meltdown, then Mom’s rising anxiety from the crazyness plus the pile of new toys to organize because everything NEEDS  a HOME! Oh, and we must eat HEALTHY to compensate for all of the birthday cake, Halloween candy and upcoming holiday baking-ahem eating marathons… Ok, so the holiday chaos comes a little early in our house and I am a little neurotic. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

This year was a pretty big deal. Mason turned 5! My baby, my precious screaming baby-whose first year seemed to last an eternity-up and turned 5 on me. WHAT THE HELL???!!!! How did this happen? And have I really been on “maternity leave” for over 5 years now?!  When I left my last job I really thought I would be back soon… I also thought I would get my body back and I am still looking for it!

Mason got lucky this year and had the day off of school for his actual birthday. For breakfast he requested eggs and sausage and hashbrowns-check. For dinner he wanted Mom’s homemade baked macaroni & cheese (a birthday tradition) and onion rings-which Grandma Ford made for us from scratch and were sooo tasty! Dessert was our tradition of carrot cake with cream cheese icing and sprinkles (Aunt Cathy’s recipe, adapted for the damn altitude).  We took Mason Go-Kart racing. Which he LOVED.  Maiya and I stayed back. I was relieved (I hate driving in all forms.) and she was horribly upset, until we showed her the arcade. TICKETS!

We didn’t get any Go-Kart pics because the boys drive so fast 🙂 but Clint took some kick-ass pics of the day that you can check out HERE


a couple weeks later we had Mason’s birthday party at his Taekwondo school- Colorado Taekwondo Institute

According to Mason it was the “BEST BIRTHDAY PARTY EVER!”

We had lots of fun with friends and family. Grandma Ford made the coolest spider cake and some ridiculously ghost cookies and veggies and dip to go with our mountain of pizza. Mason got to wear a black belt and help teach class to his friends with Master Albrechtson and Mrs. Morgan. AND THEN…

he got to cut the spider cake with a SAMURAI SWORD!

Aka Mason and Maiya just happened to be wearing matching colors and no one had food on their face. “Kids, go stand over there and look cute!”





I found two videos of the kids from last December.  If you listen closely you can hear Maiya calling Aunt Cortney, Aunt Corncake. Still makes me smile.

December7, 2010

December 15, 2010



The older Mason gets, the less I think about milestones. I’ve stopped stalking parenting books and websites checking off lists of milestones he hit and agonizing over when he will make a “raspberry sound” or what the hell that should sound like. (Apparently that wasn’t his thing.) After a while I loosened up and let the kid be and next thing you know it and the milestones get more serious. He has had some pretty big ones lately and one REALLY big one coming up.

Last month Mason earned his orange belt in taekwondo and started a new school. He is only in half day Pre-K this year, but he goes to a K-8 “big kid” school and eats lunch at school. The lunch thing is a big deal! Especially now that I have to pack his lunch!

Today Mason did his second taekwondo tournament. The last tournament was pretty early on and Mason kinda twirled in a circle and yelled Ah! Last night when I asked him to practice his poomse he screwed around and made me wonder what he had in store for the next day. So today when he actually did his four-directional punch poomse I was a proud Mom! That sneaky kid acts like a goof, but he knows what he is doing! I wish you could see his face in the video when he is talking to the judges because he looked to confident and so much older. Which brings me to his next milestone. My baby will be 5 next month! That screaming little baby that we were terrified of is about to be a confident, smart, hilarious, and loving 5 year old. I just want to keep him home and hug him because in the blink of an eye he’s gonna be asking to drive the truck to prom. No dating until you are 30! You can drive when you are 45.


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