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Some of you may have noticed that I missed a very major milestone on this here blog. In defense, I often miss the big ones, because, well those are the ones that are paired with busy days.

My baby girl is growing up!

We camped in Moab, Utah for Maiya’s birthday. I would show you the pictures, but I just saw them myself today. I promise, I will post them, Moab was beautiful, and we had an awesome time. It might just take me a few months. 🙂

Maiya thinks that her birthday is in the desert, in Moab. I don’t know how we are going to top that next year!


Getting ready to tour an elementary school, we hop in the car and Maiya says
“this is going to be FUN!”
Mason: Yeah, it will be, if you stop talking like I asked you to.
Maiya: but I’m a gurrrll. I talk!
Mason: I know, but you don’t have to tell me everything!
And then they went back and forth for a good five minutes. Maiya is not planning on limiting her talking anytime this century.

I told Mason he shouldn’t mess with an electrical outlet because he might get shocked.
“What will happen? It will hurt really bad and then my bones will show?”

Maybe we watch a tad too much Tom&Jerry?

#4 Holiday Soundbytes

Mason singing and performing: “Walking around the Christmas tree”

Maiya: I’m so exciting! (translation:excited)


Maiya and Mason in the bathtub

Maiya pointing to masons nipples: what are those for?

Mom: what do you think they are for?

Maiya: peeing


Maiya during Toy Story 3 on Ice: the look of pure joy on her face was priceless

After toy story 3 on ice (totally exhausted and overwhelmed)

“I don’t ever want to do that again”


Maiya came downstairs in the morning and I asked her if she had to go pee?

“Um, I farted in my bed.”
Maiya: “I smell the Dr.”
Mom: “What does it smell like?”
Maiya: “Vegetables”
Clint-after seeing Michael Buble perform on SNL “That guy is awesome. I love his style. We should own his Christmas album!”

After dinner, Mason disappears upstairs to play Legos. We hear Maiya up there talking to him, bothering him. Mason is nice, but snappy. Maiya stands at the top if the stairs with her arms folded “Jeep-co Peets, Mason is ANGRY.”

At dinner Maiya says “Daddy, when I grow up to be a daddy, I’m going to wear clothes like you.”

While hugging Mason so tight she is practically choking him: “Meeson, I wove you.”

Well past 10 pm on Thanksgiving Eve while I am trying to cook, Maiya keeps getting out of bed, so I ask her why she won’t sleep “I just don’t want to miss Thanksgiving.” I tell her Mason is sleeping “I will just wait for him to wake up.”


Aka Mason and Maiya just happened to be wearing matching colors and no one had food on their face. “Kids, go stand over there and look cute!”





I found two videos of the kids from last December.  If you listen closely you can hear Maiya calling Aunt Cortney, Aunt Corncake. Still makes me smile.

December7, 2010

December 15, 2010



It’s been a while now since Maiya has mastered her ABC’s, and of course I am just getting around to posting a video. Poor W,X,Y,and Z-they only get to be in the song about every other time she sings it. I couldn’t decide which video I liked better, so you get both!

Two days until we leave on a two week road-trip. No, I’m not stalling, I’m just waiting for the laundry to dry. I was stalling yesterday when I made cookies and this afternoon when I was eating them , and after the kids went to bed when the ice cream just had to be eaten because you just can’t come home to freezer burn ice cream, you just can’t!

In the meantime…

I found my Care Bears PJ’s!!! and they fit Maiya! I swear I remember wearing these as a kid, and no I could never have imagined that one day I would have a memory of my own daughter wearing them. How crazy is that? Very vintage with her pj’s and blankie that was Clint’s when he was a baby. I turn 29 soon and I wasn’t feeling too bad about it until I realized that I was dressing my daughter in roughly 27 year old pj’s and thinking it is the cutest thing ever. So not a cool mom move. Just wait until you see her in my old Mackinac Island sweatshirt!

What? Mason isn’t two? MAIYA is two?! Seriously, where has the time gone? I still talk about being pregnant with Mason like it was yesterday and then when he was a baby-oh man that lasted forever. And then next thing you know it we go into warp speed: Mason is turning two, by the way-I’m pregnant!, Clint is going to China, it’s gonna be a girl!, by the way we are moving to Colorado-in two weeks, oh my back hurts, oh boy my back hurts, “you are in pre-term labor, two months too early”, oh shit, bedrest, hello Oprah Box Set, we have a baby!, it’s the 4Fords, what the hell am I doing?!, allergies, voodoo, Maiya is 1!, she can walk, she can talk, count to 14, taekwondo?! Holy crap, Maiya is two!

I have been trying really hard to live in the moment and soak in the amazing experience it is to be a parent. I swear, the harder I try to freeze time, the faster is goes by. I mean, just in the time I have procrastinated writing this post Maiya has transitioned from her crib to a toddler bed, pooped on the potty, and started taekwondo. Slow down!

Here are some pics from her birthday almost two months ago. Maiya requested “wear hat, eat cake.” “on Maiya’s birthday, get backpack.” and “pizza!”

The cutest thing about her being two is that she has started talking about herself  ALL  the time. “Maiya found Maiya’s blanky on Maiya’s bed.”

Wagon! (Don't tell her it's from Craigslist!)


Maiya wearing Maiya's backpack


Grandma Ford's Super Awesome Birthday Cake



Birthday Breakfast and Birthday Crown, made by Mason and Mom

Zoo Trip-That Canadian Goose really thinks he's a Pink Flamingo!

Me and my baby 🙂

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