I distinctly remember being horribly embarrassed of the way my mom would talk to everyone about everything in public places. We would be in line at the grocery store and next thing you know it she’s chit-chatting away with some random stranger and talking about my English teacher or we were down at the marina and she’s telling some equally random stranger about my brothers baseball skills “His nickname is the vacuum!” I would physically cringe. “Not againnnnn! MOM!” Yeah, that’s right. Guess who can’t go grocery shopping without having a conversation with the people in line for lunchmeat? This girl right here. I don’t know what happened. Maybe it’s what happened to my Mom as well, but at some point in the past few years I have become my mother. Everywhere we go I find myself chit-chatting away with random strangers. Not only do I acknowledge this now, but I appreciate it. People are so interesting and I find it fascinating all the little conversations I have with people and how they weave in with life. Ugh, what is happening to me?! I am sorry Mom, for being the bitchy young adult that I was. I get it now. Thank you for passing this trait on to me.  I’m sure my kids will be equally embarrassed soon enough!