Life lately has been packing, packing, packing, packing, packing. I have been so busy with this packing business and trying to keep up with day to day goings ons that I have been on auto-pilot. I have been trying to take time out to go for a run occasionally, which is physically helpful, but my mind has been fried. I sat down today and took a few minutes to actually read something that looked interesting. The founders of Patagonia just put out a new book about how they have been trying to be a responsible company for the past 40 years. Reading the excerpt really got me excited. Not so much because it looks like a great book-which it does, but it felt so good to read something that I felt passionate about. It was just a nice little reminder that I am  more than a robot on auto-pilot. I have interests that excite me! Most of them are pretty nerdy, but thats no surprise.

Responsibility is such a powerful word to me. We are trying to teach the kids responsibility and how important it is. It is one of the things that is way more than just teaching your kids to pick up their toys, but shapes them into the fine adult that I hope they may become one day. The book is more about how and why companies should be responsible, but it really resonates with me that maybe by teaching them how important responsibility is and setting a good example, they may one day grow up to have a mind-set more like the founders of Patagonia and less like those companies that feel its ok to focus solely on profit.

So here you go. This may not excite you, but I will share it anyway.

These guys were excited:

“If you have any doubt at all that doing right by the natural world is good for the bottom line, please, stop right now, wherever you are, find a seat, put the smartphone on mute, and read this freaking book. Yvon and Vincent aren’t here to bum you out about a planet turning to desert, or to shame you into anything. They affirm that the ingenuity and hard work required to clean up our offices and industries will be the most rewarding (and profitable) work we do.”

– Brad Wieners, Executive Editor, Bloomberg Businessweek

Here is the excerpt from the book.