So I am putting the kids to bed tonight and Mason called me from his room upset. 

Mason: (clearly freaked out) Mom, my tooth is loose!

Mom: Really?! Which one? That is so exciting!

Mason: (even more freaked out) but am I going to have to get a wood one?

Mom: What? No. That is your baby tooth, and there is an adult one ready to grow up in its place. (ok, now I’m upset and trying not to show it, but my little baby boy is going to have an adult tooth. this is all happening too fast!)

Mom: So when it falls out, you can put it under your pillow and the tooth fairy will come and give you some money!

Mason: But what if the tooth fairy doesn’t exist? Because fairies don’t exist.

Mom: How do you know that?

Mason: Because no book has ever told me that they do exist.

Mom: Well, when I was a kid the tooth fairy left me money.

Mason: Don’t you think it was your mom?

Mom: Well isn’t that special too? And you get money!

Mason: I gotta go show Dad! and he proceeds to run down and show Dad, wiggling it, and telling him how he’s going to set up a tooth fairy trap under his pillow.

and here I am, tearing up because my kids are growing much too fast for my liking. Get it together Mom!