I have been writing down soundbytes, but they haven’t been making it much further than my Field Notes lately. So here we go…

These were from a draft I saved a year ago. 🙂

Yesterday Maiya said “I love you so much, Daddy.”

Today she has been a broken record “Mommy, airport.”

I ask “Why? Don’t you love me?”

Her reply “No! Mommy airport!”

Clint(about 2 seconds ago): “I used to listen to this on mini-disc.

Clint:(halfway through reading the kids Sleeping Beauty) Are there different versions of Sleeping Beauty? The last one I read she was living with some dwarfs.

Clint:(after finishing Sleeping Beauty) What do you call it when you butt falls asleep after sitting around for too long? SLEEPING BOOTY

Clint:(trying to convince Maiya to sleep in her bed a full night and not wake us up) If you sleep all night and don’t get out of bed I will give you a giraffe.

Maiya: but I want a tiny elephant!!!

We  asked mason what he wants to try out this summer once he is out of school:  ” I want to try modeling .”

Clint and I both burst out laughing, offending mason

After some clarification: he wants to make stuff and take classes at the art center

and the winner…

When something is really funny, maiya says “Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, that cracked me nuts!”