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I haven’t been keeping up with the kids milestones, but I would like to make it known that Maiya likes to hold Mason’s hand when we go for walks. “Meeson, you wanna hold my hand?” They hold hands and talk about kid stuff and I just stand there with a goofy grin on my face trying to freeze time.

We had a wonderfully low-key Easter this year. I bought way too much candy. (easter candy shopping and that certain time of the month should NEVER collide). The kids were relatively well-behaved because yes, they are kids, and the puppy, well yes, she is a puppy. PUPPY! I forgot to post about the new addition to our family. Well, add that to the list of posts I have written in my head that can’t seem to make it to the interweb. Let’s just pretend you knew we had a puppy and I will fill you in later about that. So yeah, Easter weekend, 2 kids + puppy. Let’s back up here a minute. We haven’t been doing much lately. Meaning, I have been overwhelmed with lists and stacks and dust and things peeing and laundry resulting from things peeing and blah, blah, blah. The busier we get, the more I realize that I am rushing the kids around resulting in lots of frustration on both ends and more than occasionally me yelling “would you hurry up?! I’m doing this for you!” And that’s when I had to take a step back and realize that the kids just want to hang out at home as much as I do. So that’s what we have been up to. Hanging out, making weird crafts, reading stories, building legos, doing science experiments and trying to have more fun together. The dog (as much as she likes to pee on the carpet) has been really awesome at reminding us to get outside and run around like fools. Lesson this month: Less is more.

Here are some sweet pictures Clint took this weekend. Maiya wants to know where Peter Hoppintail went?

It was a rough morning, but I was able to salvage the day with some homemade playdough and neon food dye. This stuff is awesome! I doubt we will ever buy the name brand stuff again. Making it was as much fun as playing with it.





Did you know that you can substitute coconut oil one for one in baking?! First thing I thought of upon learning this was Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies!!!! And they would be “healthy”!!! Medium chain fatty acid used as energy instead of stored as fat kind of healthy I tried it out, and I am happy to report that it really does work. These cookies have NO Butter, and they taste like the girl Scout cookie Samoa. Win!

Ps I now use coconut oil in my granola instead of canola oil. Another win!

Just a disclaimer: from my experience regular coconut oil has no taste, which is good for things like stir-frys, and extra virgin coconut oil tastes like coconut which is great for baking.

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