but look at the cut on my other hand! I have a fairy Band-Aid!

Wow, nice cast! Purple and Pink? Cool!

Did you see my Band-Aid?! I have a CUT and fairies!!!

Apparently 2 1/2 year olds do not think breaking a bone or keeping a cast on for 4 weeks is a big deal.

Approximately four weeks ago Maiya broke her arm. She was playing around and fell hard right on her wrist. Clint was pretty sure it was broken. Me? I figured since she didn’t take a nap that she was overtired and being dramatic. Little kids don’t break bones! They’re like Gumby! Mean, mean Mom! We took her to Urgent Care where she proceeded to smile and try to use her injured arm. Me? Let’s get out of here before they charge us a co-pay! X-Ray? BROKEN, NO DOUBT ABOUT IT, THAT SHIT IS BROKE. Maiya? Can I have a juice box?

after x-ray, before splint

she got her juice box, and a temporary splint with a cute animal print sling. fyi maiya doesn’t do slings

day 2: post splint, pre-cast

so the next day we headed to Children’s Hospital to get the cast. I was pretty sure that was not going to be a fun trip. WRONG! I don’t know about most Children’s Hospitals, but that place was amazing. Bright colors, cool furniture,(and not in the cheesy weird way that most pediatrician’s offices look like) free beanie babies at check-in and a trip to the toy room after the cast was put on. Maiya (and Mason) made out like bandits. Plus you get fancy cast!

fancy cast

and 4 weeks went by with a kid who ran around like she had some sweet new accessory, looking shocked when random people at the grocery store are like “WHAT HAPPENED, ARE YOU OK?” and her response every time is “I just fell and broke my wrist.” She just kept on moving, and running, and jumping, and making her brother give her piggy back rides, and falling off her brother, and generally making me crazy. but look at how sweet she is…

melts my heart

Then it was time to remove the cast. Whoooo boy! That was traumatic! All the advances in technology and medicine and we are still removing casts with a saw! I know it’s safe, but my two-year old did not believe that. Especially when it is so loud and your brother is in the background declaring that they are chainsawing his little sisters arm off. But it ended quickly and thanks to Dad and his super cool job, Maiya gets to wear the coolest wrist brace around.

Yup, that's a boa reel


and days after getting her cast off she is doing taekwondo


There is no stopping this one.