I am finally getting over my fear of buying large hunks of meat and making good use of my slow-cooker. Seriously, I made my first pot roast ever two months ago. I’ve been a Mom for over five years now and the only thing I make somewhat regulary in my crock-pot is steel cut oats. It’s time for a change! In my defense I have come a long way since my hot n ready pizza days ten years ago and my salad and sandwich and occasional Voila!(just add water) days five years ago. I make as much as I can from scratch and I am a crazy lady about the quality of any processed foods we eat. I don’t cook on Friday-that’s reserved for Chipotle and my sanity, but almost every other day of the week I manage to get dinner on the table. Not that its always good, or that everyone at the table loves it, but some nights we get close. I’m pretty sure Maiya hated this, but the rest of us loved it enough to make up for her negativity.

Simple recipe with interesting ingredients! Be careful when you buy prepared salsa, it almost always has preservatives in it. Garden Fresh almost always does not and its from Ferndale, MI! Also, Wholly Salsa is a good choice

Slow Cooker Pulled-Pork Tacos from RealSimple.com