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Yesterday was the three year anniversary of our move to Colorado. So much has happened in three years! Instead of boring you with a recap, I decided to share one of my favorite Black Keys songs. Colorado is a wonderful place to live, but Michigan will always be my home. This song helps me remember that its ok to be happy here even if you still ache for home. I had no idea those two feelings could coexist, but then again there was a lot I had no idea about 3 years ago.



And then today he brought these home for me!


Enough said


And he surprised me with this! Sweet Action is closed for the month of January and can only be found in a select few fancy pants grocery stores.


Clint was nice enough to stop by a fancy pants grocery store in Denver just for this jerk sauce. (which, by the way, is the BEST jerk sauce you will ever try aside from flying to Jamaica and getting the real thing.)


We took the kids to the Nature and Science Museum in Denver today. Who knew one of the coolest things we would see would be in the parking lot. Thats a REAL electric car charging station! Like, is your electric car in need of a charge? Park here, swipe your card, charge, and GO!