#4 Holiday Soundbytes

Mason singing and performing: “Walking around the Christmas tree”

Maiya: I’m so exciting! (translation:excited)


Maiya and Mason in the bathtub

Maiya pointing to masons nipples: what are those for?

Mom: what do you think they are for?

Maiya: peeing


Maiya during Toy Story 3 on Ice: the look of pure joy on her face was priceless

After toy story 3 on ice (totally exhausted and overwhelmed)

“I don’t ever want to do that again”


Maiya came downstairs in the morning and I asked her if she had to go pee?

“Um, I farted in my bed.”
Maiya: “I smell the Dr.”
Mom: “What does it smell like?”
Maiya: “Vegetables”
Clint-after seeing Michael Buble perform on SNL “That guy is awesome. I love his style. We should own his Christmas album!”