It occurred to me that I never get around to doing a birthday post for Mason. Horrible, horrible Mom I am! It’s just a hectic time. Birthday, then party, then Halloween, then post birthday/high-fructose corn syrup overdose meltdown, then Mom’s rising anxiety from the crazyness plus the pile of new toys to organize because everything NEEDS  a HOME! Oh, and we must eat HEALTHY to compensate for all of the birthday cake, Halloween candy and upcoming holiday baking-ahem eating marathons… Ok, so the holiday chaos comes a little early in our house and I am a little neurotic. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

This year was a pretty big deal. Mason turned 5! My baby, my precious screaming baby-whose first year seemed to last an eternity-up and turned 5 on me. WHAT THE HELL???!!!! How did this happen? And have I really been on “maternity leave” for over 5 years now?!  When I left my last job I really thought I would be back soon… I also thought I would get my body back and I am still looking for it!

Mason got lucky this year and had the day off of school for his actual birthday. For breakfast he requested eggs and sausage and hashbrowns-check. For dinner he wanted Mom’s homemade baked macaroni & cheese (a birthday tradition) and onion rings-which Grandma Ford made for us from scratch and were sooo tasty! Dessert was our tradition of carrot cake with cream cheese icing and sprinkles (Aunt Cathy’s recipe, adapted for the damn altitude).  We took Mason Go-Kart racing. Which he LOVED.  Maiya and I stayed back. I was relieved (I hate driving in all forms.) and she was horribly upset, until we showed her the arcade. TICKETS!

We didn’t get any Go-Kart pics because the boys drive so fast 🙂 but Clint took some kick-ass pics of the day that you can check out HERE


a couple weeks later we had Mason’s birthday party at his Taekwondo school- Colorado Taekwondo Institute

According to Mason it was the “BEST BIRTHDAY PARTY EVER!”

We had lots of fun with friends and family. Grandma Ford made the coolest spider cake and some ridiculously ghost cookies and veggies and dip to go with our mountain of pizza. Mason got to wear a black belt and help teach class to his friends with Master Albrechtson and Mrs. Morgan. AND THEN…

he got to cut the spider cake with a SAMURAI SWORD!