The older Mason gets, the less I think about milestones. I’ve stopped stalking parenting books and websites checking off lists of milestones he hit and agonizing over when he will make a “raspberry sound” or what the hell that should sound like. (Apparently that wasn’t his thing.) After a while I loosened up and let the kid be and next thing you know it and the milestones get more serious. He has had some pretty big ones lately and one REALLY big one coming up.

Last month Mason earned his orange belt in taekwondo and started a new school. He is only in half day Pre-K this year, but he goes to a K-8 “big kid” school and eats lunch at school. The lunch thing is a big deal! Especially now that I have to pack his lunch!

Today Mason did his second taekwondo tournament. The last tournament was pretty early on and Mason kinda twirled in a circle and yelled Ah! Last night when I asked him to practice his poomse he screwed around and made me wonder what he had in store for the next day. So today when he actually did his four-directional punch poomse I was a proud Mom! That sneaky kid acts like a goof, but he knows what he is doing! I wish you could see his face in the video when he is talking to the judges because he looked to confident and so much older. Which brings me to his next milestone. My baby will be 5 next month! That screaming little baby that we were terrified of is about to be a confident, smart, hilarious, and loving 5 year old. I just want to keep him home and hug him because in the blink of an eye he’s gonna be asking to drive the truck to prom. No dating until you are 30! You can drive when you are 45.