We  generally like to avoid people and major goings ons during holiday weekends. This year we changed it up a bit with a STAYCATION! Are the news stations still using that word? Because I LOVE it! Isn’t it just the greatest when the news takes something that people already do and coins a cute little word for it and then uses that word so much that it must immediately be added to the urban dictionary?

“What are you doing for the holiday weekend?”

“Oh, you know, stick close to home, spend time with the kids.”  or in Newspeak  “We’re having a STAYCATION!”

Friday and Saturday we had a garage sale. Yes that did involve people coming to see us, but the key is they gave us MONEY! It is such a great feeling to clear our all of the junk from your house and end up with a clean house and some petty cash to spend.

Friday night, Clint went on a brewery tour in Denver with his friend. If you enjoy beer on any level you would love Denver. I however do not enjoy beer. While the boys were out we had pizza and wine (juice boxes too!) and ice cream sundaes. Now that is my kind of night! We also had the honor of introducing Mason’s best friend to Star Wars.

Intense focus

Sunday we  packed a picnic and took a drive into the mountains. Somehow we made a wrong turn and ended up in Tiny Town. How could we pass it up? It’s WORLD FAMOUS!

Big Ford, Little Ford


Let me tell you, if it wasn’t for the ridiculous level of excitement from the kids I would be seriously upset about the $16 it costs me. Well the kids loved it and it ended with a playground. When you are a kid, what could be better? So yes, it was worth it.

Eventually we ended up on Guanella Pass at about 12,000 feet sourounded by almost 14er mountains. Kinda makes you feel small. And a little lightheaded-damn altitude.

Patches of snow that never melt

I got this mountain!

lack of oxygen happy smile

Best part of the weekend was Sunday when we had ICE CREAM FOR DINNER! We headed over to Sweet Action in Denver and experienced ice cream nirvana. Maiya got Milk Chocolate, Mason got crazy and got a sugar cone with Brown Sugar Banana ice cream with rainbow sprinkles. Holy cow! That ice cream was like the summer version of the best homemade banana bread your Grandma ever made. I got peanut butter ice cream with chocolate covered pretzels. Clint got the winner. Stranahans Whiskey Brickle in a warm waffle cone. I don’t know who Clint thinks he is, but he got the fresh off the press hot waffle cone. I don’t know what the urban dictionary defines as a staycation, but mine always starts and ends with ice cream.

More pics here