I’ve been in sort of a blog funk. Hahahahhahahahahahah! Blog funk! Yes, it’s the little things that crack me up. We went on a two week family camping trip through the midwest staying mostly in Northern Minnesota and Michigan. I had so many plans for blog posts and updates along the way.  So what happened? I wrote a journal. Pen and paper! No electronic record of Maiya pooping in the woods or the kids catching their first fish with Grandma and Grandpa Ford. (Well ok, we took a lot of pictures.) And I’ll tell you what, I love sharing our goofy life with all of you, but it felt so good to be unplugged. And then we got back and when we aren’t busy with school and taekwondo, the kids have been like this:

(warning: if you have kids or old people sleeping near you, TURN THE VOLUME DOWN)