Two days until we leave on a two week road-trip. No, I’m not stalling, I’m just waiting for the laundry to dry. I was stalling yesterday when I made cookies and this afternoon when I was eating them , and after the kids went to bed when the ice cream just had to be eaten because you just can’t come home to freezer burn ice cream, you just can’t!

In the meantime…

I found my Care Bears PJ’s!!! and they fit Maiya! I swear I remember wearing these as a kid, and no I could never have imagined that one day I would have a memory of my own daughter wearing them. How crazy is that? Very vintage with her pj’s and blankie that was Clint’s when he was a baby. I turn 29 soon and I wasn’t feeling too bad about it until I realized that I was dressing my daughter in roughly 27 year old pj’s and thinking it is the cutest thing ever. So not a cool mom move. Just wait until you see her in my old Mackinac Island sweatshirt!