What? Mason isn’t two? MAIYA is two?! Seriously, where has the time gone? I still talk about being pregnant with Mason like it was yesterday and then when he was a baby-oh man that lasted forever. And then next thing you know it we go into warp speed: Mason is turning two, by the way-I’m pregnant!, Clint is going to China, it’s gonna be a girl!, by the way we are moving to Colorado-in two weeks, oh my back hurts, oh boy my back hurts, “you are in pre-term labor, two months too early”, oh shit, bedrest, hello Oprah Box Set, we have a baby!, it’s the 4Fords, what the hell am I doing?!, allergies, voodoo, Maiya is 1!, she can walk, she can talk, count to 14, taekwondo?! Holy crap, Maiya is two!

I have been trying really hard to live in the moment and soak in the amazing experience it is to be a parent. I swear, the harder I try to freeze time, the faster is goes by. I mean, just in the time I have procrastinated writing this post Maiya has transitioned from her crib to a toddler bed, pooped on the potty, and started taekwondo. Slow down!

Here are some pics from her birthday almost two months ago. Maiya requested “wear hat, eat cake.” “on Maiya’s birthday, get backpack.” and “pizza!”

The cutest thing about her being two is that she has started talking about herself  ALL  the time. “Maiya found Maiya’s blanky on Maiya’s bed.”

Wagon! (Don't tell her it's from Craigslist!)


Maiya wearing Maiya's backpack


Grandma Ford's Super Awesome Birthday Cake



Birthday Breakfast and Birthday Crown, made by Mason and Mom

Zoo Trip-That Canadian Goose really thinks he's a Pink Flamingo!

Me and my baby 🙂