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Visitors #2,#3, and #4 overlapped. 13 days and counting until #5 and #6 arrive! I miss my family. It was so  much fun to hang out with Neil, Stephanie and Pamela. I wish the whole family could be together more often, but I will take what I can get for now! It’s not often we remember to take group shots. 3 out of 5 siblings is doing pretty good! It is my mission to get an actual full family picture when we go back to Michigan this summer. I need some proof that we are all grown up now!


I finally got around to uploading the photos from Aunt Juju’s visit. I put them all up on SmugMug here. I even added captions! (If you are new here, or just haven’t noticed, the photos on the left of this post always link you to our most recent pics folder on Smugmug. Check it out!) Also, all of the really good pics were taken by Julie.

More to come. Uncle Neil and Aunt Stephie have been here since Saturday and Aunt Pammy has been here for a couple hours now. Right now all 3 of them are fighting over what to do with Maiya’s giant booger. It’s a good thing they weren’t here last week when Maiya had poop so far up her back it called for an afternoon bath!

Yes, I am being a bad hostess and hiding out upstairs. I am enjoying the break!

I love this video. You can totally tell that she has developed her own personality.  I can’t believe that she will be 2 on Sunday! She figured out by watching Mason that the key words to get out of your chair are “Be excused” and “I’m full”  and no, we don’t make her count before she is excused, but it worked this time and I finally got it on video that she can count.

We are gearing up for an almost two-month stretch of visitors. We will have a couple days here and there with just the 4Fords, but for the most part we will be an overflowing house. Aunt Juju was here first. She left last Wednesday. We were all so upset to see her go that we went and got the plague and sent it home for her and Uncle Andrew too. I bet everyone else is real excited to come see us now! I am doing my best to sanitize the house, plan Maiya’s 2nd Birthday, and be a nice hostess, among my normal motherly duties. For now, here are some nice pics of Aunt Juju and the kids. Soon, I will upload the awesome pics Julie took for us.

Little Man Ice Cream!

serious adventure trip

SmugMug Photos

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