This afternoon we were doing FaceTime with Grandma Gudenau. (Gotta love technology these days. Sure makes living on the other side of the world (ok a few states away) more like living in the next town over.) So, Mason was sitting on my lap and grabbed a piece of paper and wrote HI and showed it to Grandma. He is really into writing his own signs lately, which is really neat because it is giving him so much writing practice. I asked him if he wanted to write Grandma also, and he asked how to spell it. Without me even writing a sample to look at he just wrote the letters as I said them. Longest word yet! He also rode his bike for 25 minutes today. I’m not sure how long he really could go since I just happened to be timing us to see how long I was running for. Probably more of a milestone for me that I was actually running! I miss the days when I could just speed walk to keep up with him!

So Proud!