Thanks Aunt Cathy!

My Aunt Cathy gave me some way cute teddy bear cupcake holders when I was in Michigan and I finally got around to using them. Of course I had to go overboard on the healthy ingredients and make pumpkin-banana-whole wheat-flax seed-blah, blah, blah so much fiber we have to ration them out, “cupcakes” Mason and Maiya didn’t seem to care. They were so excited to have a teddy bear picnic with TEDDY BEAR CUPCAKES!!!! I promise, next time we will make real cupcakes.

When I was taking the pics I got a good shot of how much hair Maiya has these days.

Which of course, led to me trying to get it into a ponytail.

Which then made me realize that even if I could get it all into a ponytail, I am totally clueless in the hair department. Bows, headbands, pigtails? Huhwhat?!

love how it looks like she is being so detailed, clearly that picture is not about the details!

I can’t wait until she starts asking to dye her hair fire engine red…or for a perm. Do people still get perms?