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This afternoon we were doing FaceTime with Grandma Gudenau. (Gotta love technology these days. Sure makes living on the other side of the world (ok a few states away) more like living in the next town over.) So, Mason was sitting on my lap and grabbed a piece of paper and wrote HI and showed it to Grandma. He is really into writing his own signs lately, which is really neat because it is giving him so much writing practice. I asked him if he wanted to write Grandma also, and he asked how to spell it. Without me even writing a sample to look at he just wrote the letters as I said them. Longest word yet! He also rode his bike for 25 minutes today. I’m not sure how long he really could go since I just happened to be timing us to see how long I was running for. Probably more of a milestone for me that I was actually running! I miss the days when I could just speed walk to keep up with him!

So Proud!


Thanks Aunt Cathy!

My Aunt Cathy gave me some way cute teddy bear cupcake holders when I was in Michigan and I finally got around to using them. Of course I had to go overboard on the healthy ingredients and make pumpkin-banana-whole wheat-flax seed-blah, blah, blah so much fiber we have to ration them out, “cupcakes” Mason and Maiya didn’t seem to care. They were so excited to have a teddy bear picnic with TEDDY BEAR CUPCAKES!!!! I promise, next time we will make real cupcakes.

When I was taking the pics I got a good shot of how much hair Maiya has these days.

Which of course, led to me trying to get it into a ponytail.

Which then made me realize that even if I could get it all into a ponytail, I am totally clueless in the hair department. Bows, headbands, pigtails? Huhwhat?!

love how it looks like she is being so detailed, clearly that picture is not about the details!

I can’t wait until she starts asking to dye her hair fire engine red…or for a perm. Do people still get perms?

We are headed to see Eve on Friday. In the meantime we are going to do some “voodoo magic” of our own. Tonight I am going to leave a glass jar outside in the backyard to collect pollen and other such things, then tomorrow I will have Mason hold the jar while I tap his back. This might help Mason’s allergies and we may not have to do a full-on treatment on Friday. I know, we just get weirder and weirder over here! If you are familiar with NAET this probably isn’t too odd to read. I think a Mason jar would be appropriate here. I am hoping to find something interesting inside tomorrow morning. Not sure what I am expecting, but it seems exciting! Maybe a slug? A fairy?

In the meantime, OHM Acupuncture has a new website! If you are in the Metro-Denver area looking for a NAET practitioner or just looking for a non-invasive alternative treatment I would highly recommend going to see Eve. She is wonderful, and very effective. If you are just curious about NAET treatments in general, read her FAQ page.

I am trying to get in the habit of making certain things from scratch that I buy regularly. So far hummus and granola are the big winners. Saves tons of money, easy recipes, and it turns out they taste even better than even the good-quality store-bought version. I try to make them every other week and it lasts almost that long.

I have been experimenting with lots of granola recipes and nothing ever comes out in nice clumps. Sometimes I get a few clumps, sometimes none. I like my granola in nice crunchy clumps, and really I haven’t even found a store-bought version that comes close to what I am looking for.

Luckily, I am hooked on a certain food blog-and found this almost perfect recipe.

My only problem is that all granola recipes overwhelm me by the number of ingredients which turn out to be 90% optional and that nothing ever clumps right. After many fails, I have discovered that it is imperative NOT to stir the granola once it is out of the oven. I revised the recipe to make it simple and easy to read and added my secret to clumping and now it is time to MAKE GRANOLA!

Basic Granola3 cups old-fashioned oats
1 cup flaked coconut (I like unsweeted wide chips, but use whatever you have or like or don’t use at all)
¼ cup canola oil
⅓ cup packed dark brown sugar
¼ cup honey
1 cup whole almonds
Sea salt*

Make  sure oven rack is in the middle
Pre-heat oven to 375

Stir together all ingredients.

If the mixture looks dry, add more honey. From what I understand, excess oil gets in the way of clumping, so I wouldn’t add extra oil if you like your granola clumpy.

Put the granola mixture in a pan lined with parchment paper (I use a 9×13 pyrex, but whatever fits is fine)

Bake, stirring occasionally, until golden brown about 30 minutes

Check after the first 15 minutes, and then check about every five minutes until it is to your liking. This stuff burns fast, so don’t walk away!

Place on a rack to cool

DO NOT STIR! If you want your granola clumpy, ignore all granola recipes you may have read and don’t stir it- at all. You should end up with a giant mass of granola that you can break apart into pieces.

Store it in an airtight container in the freezer. It will stay fresh and last for months, if you can possibly manage not to eat it all on the way to the freezer.

*I am very generous with cinnamon and sea salt. Start with a pinch and add what you like.

This is just a basic recipe. You can add anything you want. Just remember to stir in dried fruit AFTER baking and BEFORE cooling

Some ideas for variations:

Switch out the almonds for walnuts, add a pinch of nutmeg and some banana chips (I like mine unsweetened, but I suspect I am the only one) and you have yourself some banana-walnut granola

dried cherries and almonds

dare I say dried cherries, almonds, and dark chocolate chunks?


pepitas and a mixture of dried fruit

sunflower seeds and dried fruit

dried tropical fruit mix and macadamia nuts

dried apples and walnuts, raisins and lots of cinnamon

dried blueberry, walnut, and flax seed

pecans and dried mango

Would you believe me if I told you that Maiya fell asleep STANDING UP? I didn’t think so.

Apparently she was real tired!

The kids were watching cartoons on the laptop and I was talking to Aunt Pammy and I thought that Maiya was just laying there watching cartoons, until Mason said “Mom, shhhhh, Maiya is asleep.” I didn’t want to move her, so I would say that she probably stayed that way for a good 1/2 hour until I finally moved her onto the bed.

For the record, she was NOT a happy baby when she woke up. When Clint got home he couldn’t even look at her without getting a dirty look back. Then like 2 hours later she was super cute and was all “Daddy’s home!” and “I love you six hundred, Daddy.” Ahhh the joys of toddler teething.

I took the kids to see Eve last week.

After weeks of the flu and then back to back colds I decided enough is enough. I have to do something. Not that I expected her to be able to cure them of the unavoidable colds that kids get when in the presence of other kids, (or what I like to call another round of “parent hazing”) It’s just a stage, it’s just a stage, it’s just a stage… but, I had a feeling that something was irritating them, something seemed out of balance.

We did the muscle testing for Maiya, and let me tell you it was not as easy as it used to be. All she needed to do was sit near me and let me touch her skin with my hand, then Eve could do the testing on me as a surrogate. Ha! I tried to hold my hand on her back, then her leg and she kept pushing me away and trying to crawl away. Somehow Eve managed to get the testing done. It was pretty awesome to see that everything we treated Maiya for in the past she was still holding strong on. It did turn up that Sweet Potatoes and Heat were a problem, so we did a treatment for that. Not bad considering last time we did treatments we had introduced rice cereal and bananas and now she eats EVERYTHING.

While Maiya had the vials in her sock I decided it wouldn’t hurt to test Mason out. He was thrilled to get his own NAET treatment. Whenever he doesn’t feel good he asks me to “bump his back” so finally he got the real thing. Eve did the muscle testing on Mason alone, and then again with me as a surrogate. It still amazes me to see my arm go from strong to jell-0 just by introducing a vial (they all look alike) that has a different name on it. Turns out Mason was very weak on Calcium and Vitamin D and also Grass and weeds. Considering how important Calcium and Vitamin D are we did a treatment right then.

We left Eve’s office with some new herbs-I think my collection of Chinese herbs has surpassed any amount of conventional medicine in our cupboard-and headed to the park for a picnic. We have never done the 25 hour avoidance period. Maiya was around 6 months old last time and her treatments would be strong before we even left the office. So this time Maiya had to avoid sweet potatoes (which happened to be in her apple/carrot juice box) and Mason had to avoid all dairy. He was pretty bummed  about no milk for a day, but he got to have apple juice in exchange. Not a bad trade. We also couldn’t eat the cheesy poofs I had packed, which we really didn’t need to be eating anyway! The avoidance period went well until the end of the night when I caught Mason drinking Maiya’s milk! “But she gave it to me.” I guess Maiya didn’t get the memo. Oops. I sure hope that didn’t mess up his treatment.

We will go back this week to check on the previous treatments and do a grass/weed treatment for Mason. That’s all for now!

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