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There is road construction being done in front of our house.  Just that alone is AWESOME for a 4-year-old boy. Pair that with the fact that I somehow convinced him they were building a moat around our house: we have reached a new level of awesome in these parts.

Mason: “Mom, please ask Dad to buy a kayak at REI after work so that he can get home.” “Did you tell him?”

"I wuve you, brother."


The conveyor belt dumping hot asphalt into a dump truck was the winner for Mason. Maiya on the other hand, noticed a bug in between the window pane and the screen and she was very intent on kissing it.

The three amigos.


Maiya is feeling much better. Of course within hours of Maiya feeling better, Mason took over in the feeling miserable department. Poor kid, he keeps asking me “When will I feel better?” The fact that Maiya puked for a good five days and Mason stopped after one, combined with all of the other symptoms she had makes me think that allergies were part of the problem. Our NAET practitioner is out of town for the week so that forced us to wait and see, which saved us a trip. No data to back up if allergies were involved, so I’m going to chalk that up to “it sucked, and hopefully we don’t have to deal with that for a VERY long time!”

Anyway, we are still housebound, but Maiya seems to be getting cuter by the second…

Last week Mason and then Maiya came down with a nasty cold. Ok, I can deal with that. Then Maiya and then Mason came down with pink eye. I googled “natural remedies for eye infection” and came up with breast milk (all out), and urine. I considered my options and went with the prescription eye drops. I am all for weird natural treatments, but I draw the line at pee! The drops cleared up the infection almost immediately. This was Maiya’s first ever prescription and Mason’s second. Not bad for an almost 2-year-old and a 4-year-old. My point is that I am super lucky that we mostly deal with nasty colds here.


Which is why I am starting to panic slightly considering that Maiya has been puking since Sunday night. Oh shit. I am quite sure that poor baby has puked more times that I have ever seen or done so myself in my 28 years. Oh shit. And on that note, she has also had diarrhea and the nastiest smelling, raunchiest sounding farts in the history of farting.

Maiya has something of a stomach bug…or do you call it the flu…or maybe it is what I think it is. Allergies. Here we go again. Yes, I know I should just accept that she has “something” and let it run its course. Maybe I am being paranoid, but all signs are pointing to allergies from my perspective. Vomit, diarrhea(with what looks like some tiny specs of blood), mild eczema, horrible flatulence. This past week has been a vivid flashback from Maiya’s pre-NAET days. To top it all off I am experiencing a level of overwhelming stress that I have not felt since the allergies cleared up. Except I am dealing with it a lot better these days. Mostly because I have been there and am confident that there is something I can do to help.

The question is: Are her allergies resurfacing because her immune system is down or is she reacting to the eye drops we gave her last week?

I’m going to try to get her in to see Eve tomorrow. Hopefully we can do some muscle testing to see what is bothering my baby girl.

finally getting some sleep

I would like to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude to the universe and all that is connected for the health of my family. Thank you, thank you, and thank you again. No seriously, THANK YOU!

Also, Mason has been a trooper being cooped up with his stressed out mom and sick sister all week. I don’t think he minds the movie marathons much, but every day when Maiya skips her nap out of pure misery he says “Maiya never takes a nap! I want her to take a nap!” He got his yellow belt this week, can count to 50 on his own, and at parent-teacher conferences his teachers raved. I am so proud of Mason! He has been so helpful this week despite getting so much less attention.

Check out what he made out of legos today!

"garbage truck garage"


Maiya often will break out into spontaneous song and dance. It is so cute it makes me turn to jell-o and by the time I come to and get the camera she realizes that I am watching and stops. This time I was putting groceries away and caught her. She was so thrilled with herself that she let me take a video and then made me play it for her a good ten times. And for reference, just because the kids prefer the Black Keys or the White Stripes over Barney CD’s (or whatever it is these days), doesn’t mean we hate kids music. I’m only a little evil!

7 years ago, this 2nd day of March, I walked across a tropical beach in Jamaica, the hot sand beneath my bare feet, ocean breeze blowing through my (then red) hair, Bob Marley playing in the background, old European men in speedos watching, and crossed over to a new life. SEVEN years ago Clint and I got married! We were so in love that we didn’t care too much about the details of our wedding day. Case in point: why March 2nd? Because we had to be in the country a full 48 hours before we could get married. Why Jamaica? Isn’t that what everyone wants to do in the middle of a Michigan winter? What was I thinking? I am the luckiest girl in the world. What were my plans for the future? Take pictures, eat cake, change into bikini, lounge on beach with some sort of Rum infused-pineapple attacked drink in my hand and only take breaks to…well lets just not go there. My MOM READS THIS BLOG! Thinking back, I could have thought a little farther into the future, but would I have imagined that we would have 2 amazing kids and moved across the country by now? Or that after seeing that everyone in Jamaica had goats, I would still want to raise goats?! Nope. But we were in Jamaica, “No worries, Mon.” No time for planning when you have nothing to do but enjoy each other in paradise.

And so today, I am speechless again. 7 years. Wow. I CAN BELIEVE IT! I really can! We have been through a lot already. Clint is the funniest, sexiest(sorry mom), hardest working, most amazing man, and I am so lucky that he puts up with me!  I can’t imagine where we will be in another 7 years, but I know we will make it there. I already have the rocking chairs picked out. I love you honey pie!


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