Mason had his first taekwondo tournament last Saturday. Now, for a 4 year old that has been doing taekwondo for roughly 2 months I think it is safe to say that “tournament” is very loosely interpreted. Basically you pay a fee  to go in front of a group of judges and they give the kids an automatic high score and everyone gets a trophy.

So, right, what’s the point?

Mason has been absolutely loving taekwondo. I have seen a huge change in him since he started. I honestly think this is something he will be doing for a looong time. Maybe I am going a bit overboard. This is the first activity we have signed him up for. But I wouldn’t be dragging him there twice a week for a 1/2 hour and compromsing dinnertime if I wasn’t sure that this was a good fit for him. So we did the tournament so that Mason could see the older kids sparring and breaking boards and walking around with confidence. I had no idea the challenge it would bring him and how insanely proud I would be for a silly tournament.

I was told we should get there around noon and the Tigers would go out and do their thing, get a trophy, and split. So we showed up a few minutes early to check out the action. I don’t think Mason has ever been in a high school gym before, so that right there was pretty fun. Then they had everyone that was competing sit out on the floor for a demo by some of the black belts.

Mason had a friend from class there to help him out, so I wasn’t too worried, but when the fun demo turned into an hour long awards ceremony I started to get a little worried.

Here is a little slideshow of how that went:

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After awhile he looked so bored it was painful to watch! We were getting to the point that I thought we were going to have to bring him water and snacks and a pep talk. And then it was over.

more waiting

He got to do his thing and win an enormous trophy despite the fact that he had no idea what he was doing!

Taekwondo is based on Ho-Shin, which means self-control in Korean. The amount of self-control that Mason had to have just waiting for an hour in a new setting with no one telling him “Don’t move!” amazes me. I don’t care what his performance looked like (although, we will be practicing more at home!) he earned his trophy through Ho-Shin!