1 Year, 2 months, 3 weeks later and we are having ZERO problems with food allergies.

Looking back, I had no idea what I was in for. I do not miss for one second being projectile vomited on at 3 in the morning and having to change and clean Maiya, and the chair, and every article of clothing I was wearing, only to have it happen again a few hours later.

Who me?

If you have been reading about our journey with NAET you will already know that I am 100% convinced that NAET “cured” Maiya’s food allergies. But I have to admit that I have not let my guard down completely. I have read stories of people having success with the treatments and then later relapsing and needing “booster” treatments. For something that seems so powerful, yet so simple-no drugs, no surgery, no selling your soul to the devil-I am totally ok with needing to go back and get a few more treatments. And so I still stick my nose in Maiya’s diaper every time she poops to check for blood, and every time she gets a dry patch of skin I get a little panicky. In fact right around the 1 year anniversary of her “normal poop” I noticed that she spit up a couple of times. Just a tiny amount, but I was all “Ok, time to call Eve.” and then a few days later she was fine.

I think in my last update we were starting Maiya on whole milk. She wasn’t too crazy about it at first, but now all you have to do is open the cupboard and she yells “Milk time!” She is a pretty good eater now, and we have been giving her just about anything we eat without restrictions. In fact, I have been so confidant that her treatments are really sticking that I let Maiya try peanut butter. Straight up peanut butter. I know you are supposed to wait until they turn 2, and peanuts was one of the things she tested allergic to. I started out all “No Way. Not taking my chances.” but she has been eating tree nuts with no problems (I know, different food family but it still seemed like a benchmark) and she is only 3 months away from being 2 and we really wanted to have Ants on a Log. I mean come on, Ants on a Log! We don’t eat that much peanut butter, but it would be nice to be able to make a quick PB&J once in a while. ANYWAY, I got a burst of confidence and decided to test it out. We have done 4 peanut butter tests now and have not seen a single sign that she might have peanut issues.

Yes, that is all fine and dandy. We paid someone to do “voodoo”  on our kid and it worked. Lucky us. But what about other issues? I may have given the impression that NAET is a treatment for food allergies. Yes, but it is a treatment for allergies. Here is where it takes a moment to wrap your head around what NAET treats. “Allergies” can be just about anything. It is your body rejecting something and telling you it is not cool. Chemical, physical, or emotional. Your body is reacting to something and asking for help. This can be as basic as a food or seasonal allergy, or as out there weird as being “allergic” to a color and becoming depressed as a result. Think of chronic conditions that you may have to take medication for. IBS, acne, environmental allergies, depression. Could you imagine being able to figure out where these issues are coming from and then reversing them? Sometimes if you are allergic to something you may actually crave it in excess. So NAET is good for weight loss, alcoholism, nicotine addiction.

NAET uses accupressure (like acupuncture but without the needles) and muscle testing(derived from kinesiology). These are not new practices. Maybe it sounds crazy, maybe it doesn’t. I am not trying to get everyone to run out and get treated. I just don’t think enough people know that there are other options out there. Drugs, surgery, dealing with issues on a daily basis. How wonderful if you could fix something without taking pill every day for the rest of your life! There are plenty of alternative treatments out there. This just happens to be one that we have tried and tested. I am not the only one. Check out the links page for more information on NAET and other moms blogging about their experience with the treatments. If you are looking for help and don’t know where to turn next, maybe NAET will be next on your list.