The Christmas tree that I had no intention of taking down, finally has met its end. Good news!  There is an afterlife, somewhere in our town it will be living a new life as mulch.  The whole tradition of the tree is a bit odd. The tree farms, the painting (I am strictly against painted tress, that is just going too far), the shipping of trees around the country all for them to be hanging onto life inside some house for round about a month. Decorated, lit up, celebrated, holder of presents, giver of wonderful pine aroma, only to be dumped back outside and abandoned. Weird. I was sad to see it go, and will happily go through the whole strange process again next year. The decorations are put away and Christmas is officially over in the Ford household. But not before we tested Mason out as a contender for next years tree. He doesn’t smell as nice, but he sure looks festive.