Hellooooo out there! I’m not sure if anyone is still reading this. So if there is anyone out there still reading-thank you for your patience. Since it has been so long since my last post I have a massive amount of words floating around in my head that should result in a blog post for every day this year. Ahem, should. But you got to start somewhere right? For now here are some pictures and some random information you may or may not want to know about us.

We had a garage sale this summer. Clint practically forced someone to take our fake Christmas tree because we could not sell it for the life of us. This is our REAL tree. Small and cute and smells like PINE! I have no plans to take it down.

This is our pal Rudolph. He is locally made by a father and son. My new favorite decoration!

Mason made a “Christmas Superhero” costume. Yes Mom, that is the Christmas countdown calendar…aka cape.

Maiya likes to dress up in Mason’s shoes and hat. Notice she got the shoes on the right feet!

Mason was in a “Winter” program for pre-school. He is a natural on stage. (Stay tuned for video)

In-between songs he gave the audience thumbs-up. Like, yeah, we are awesome, you know it.

“Yay Snow!”

Until the past few days, the weather here has been pretty warm. Like lunch picnics in the backyard a few days before Christmas warm. The week before Christmas we got a dusting of snow. We were all so excited that we rushed out in all of our snow gear to play in the snow before it melted that afternoon. It was unlike any snow I have ever seen. I think it took longer to get dressed and undressed than it did to play in the snow. After, we had hot cocoa with candy canes and watched Rudolph. It was magical.

Mason LOVES to eat snow. Maiya, not so much.

Stella spent almost the entire time outside with us. I think she is part polar bear.

I can’t get over these snowflakes!

Mason started Taekwondo recently. He has learned more in 4 classes than 4 months of pre-school. More on that later.

Best state for cookie making! I didn’t bother with Colorado shaped cookies. Square. BORING! One year I will connect the UP and LP with the Mackinac Bridge. It will be epic.

I found this hat in my memory box. Mom do remember this? Do you have any pictures of me wearing this? I figured if it lasted this long someone must have made it for me. Turns out it is hand-made….in Taiwan. Mom, do we have any relatives in Taiwan?

Tutu #1!

Star Wars!!! Grandma, I LOVE you!

Special “Soundbytes from Mason”

Mason is very serious in his acting. The other day he dressed up in his Boba Fett costume. He wanted to act out the scene in Star Wars with Boba Fett and Jabba so he was telling me that it was time for me to go to the Rancor. I was trying to put my make-up on so I said I couldn’t go until I put on my face moisturizer. So he waited. “Are you done yet?” We start debating over whether or not I would survive the Rancor attack (Maiya’s ladybug pillowpet) and Mason tells me in the most serious voice “This Rancor can kill people. Even those with moisturized skin.”

Making gingerbread people for Grandpa Ford. Maiya was insane with the sprinkles. And if you think the cookies have a lot of sprinkles, you should see inside that little belly!


Cutest Baby Ever!!!!!!

Christmas Day with Grandma and Grandpa Ford

Who are those weirdos?

Happy New Year!