Seriously behind in this whole bloggin thing. When were we in Michigan?

So we only got to see Uncle Matt two days out of our 2 week trip. He was crazy busy with this thing people call work. Not just any work. He was in charge of building the soccer stadium for the University of Michigan! My little brother Matthew. In charge. Seriously? Go Matt!

Before we went to check out the new house and have our Summer Birthday Bash he invited us to check out his construction site and maybe check out some of the trucks. Now you have to understand that Matt was so casual about this that when we got there and realized 1. that there were tons of construction trucks to check out, and 2. HE HAD THE KEYS! Whoa Good Times!

Enough said, enjoy the slide show:

3 Year Olds Dream Come True

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Maiya did not enjoy this, but somehow Matt won here over and now she pretends to call him about 12 times a day. No one else, just “Who are you calling?” “MATT!”