Did I ever mention that we like bunny jokes? Like: “What to bunnies sing on their birthday?” “HOPPY BIRTHDAY!” (Please send me bunny jokes if you know of any.)

Every year I try to get started early with this whole Halloween thing. My original idea was for the kids to be Thing 1 and Thing 2 from “The Cat in the Hat” Which is one of Mason’s favorite books and happens to be a great new cartoon on PBS that is easily edging out pre-school in the learning new things department. I had a rough idea of what we could do


Prototype costumes


but thats as far as I got. Oops, maybe next year.

Then I realized that Maiya fit into Mason’s old froggy costume (that we bought used at a garage sale when he was 2!) And well, after this video, she had to be a froggy:

Then Mason decided he wanted to be Uncle Neil the Fireman and we were set.

Mom decided to be a cowgirl at the last minute. Mason said “Mom, you are a cowgirl because you are a girl and you have a cowboy hat on and a flannel shirt.” (Yes! My most creative costume to date.)

So we sent the kids off with Grandma and Grandpa Ford. (Having a foot injury gets you the supreme job of eatingImeanpassingout candy.)

And maybe I had too much sugar and we took some goofy photos

My dream is to one day be a food-eating model. There are many a well-lit picture out there of me eating, I think I could make some money off of this…

Mason picked up Optimus Prime while he was out. I think he may have thought he could keep him.

Every year I stress over the fact that I am not creative or overly enthused in the Halloween department and every year I disappoint myself and then realize by the end of the night that it’s all about the candy anyway