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Did I ever mention that we like bunny jokes? Like: “What to bunnies sing on their birthday?” “HOPPY BIRTHDAY!” (Please send me bunny jokes if you know of any.)

Every year I try to get started early with this whole Halloween thing. My original idea was for the kids to be Thing 1 and Thing 2 from “The Cat in the Hat” Which is one of Mason’s favorite books and happens to be a great new cartoon on PBS that is easily edging out pre-school in the learning new things department. I had a rough idea of what we could do


Prototype costumes


but thats as far as I got. Oops, maybe next year.

Then I realized that Maiya fit into Mason’s old froggy costume (that we bought used at a garage sale when he was 2!) And well, after this video, she had to be a froggy:

Then Mason decided he wanted to be Uncle Neil the Fireman and we were set.

Mom decided to be a cowgirl at the last minute. Mason said “Mom, you are a cowgirl because you are a girl and you have a cowboy hat on and a flannel shirt.” (Yes! My most creative costume to date.)

So we sent the kids off with Grandma and Grandpa Ford. (Having a foot injury gets you the supreme job of eatingImeanpassingout candy.)

And maybe I had too much sugar and we took some goofy photos

My dream is to one day be a food-eating model. There are many a well-lit picture out there of me eating, I think I could make some money off of this…

Mason picked up Optimus Prime while he was out. I think he may have thought he could keep him.

Every year I stress over the fact that I am not creative or overly enthused in the Halloween department and every year I disappoint myself and then realize by the end of the night that it’s all about the candy anyway






Let me tell you, it has been a rough ride. Mason is a lot of work. Kids are a lot of work. The past couple months have been really stressful for us. There are tons reason why. I could make a list and maybe gain some sympathy, but what would that accomplish? All I have to say is that I had no idea what I was getting myself into when we recklessly decided to “get pregnant” I thought, “If we decide to do this it won’t be so hard. We are READY.” HA! HAHA! STUPID SILLY WOMAN!

And then we added another! Seriously? At least I was scared about how I was going to handle two kids. Much more realistic this time.

I often find myself thinking that Mason must be the smartest kid around, and minutes later thinking he is the most evil kid imaginable. I then come to the conclusion that I must just have an extra challenging kid. No way anyone else has it this hard.


The point is, I love that kid so much it hurts. I now understand every cliche ever written about what its like to have kids. They are true, very true. When I was pregnant with Mason I asked Clint “Do you think this baby will be as cute as our cats? I mean, babies aren’t really that cute.” Words cannot describe how cute that little fetus turned out to be. I had no idea that he would be able to melt my heart in an instant and make me cry just looking at him and realizing how much I love that little shit.

Last night we put the kids to bed early. Trust me, they needed it….We all needed it. Of course we are not always right, because an hour later Mason was still awake in his room. When Clint went to check on him, Mason said:

“Daddy, I love everyone in this house. I’m sad because it’s nighttime and I can’t see everyone.”

I love you til the ends of the earth

Mason is turning 4 on Sunday and he wants to be a farmer when he grows up….and he has a plan which includes sharing his food with his family and farmer neighbors. That’s my boy!

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