the smell of these donuts.

Nothing like fresh donuts


pure bliss


That is about as close as I can get to describing the experience of eating fresh donuts.

Yes, I found fresh donuts in Colorado! They do exist! Now I am going to put this out there-there is no comparison to a crisp fall day at the apple orchard/cider mill in Michigan. Maybe it’s because it’s in my Michigander genes to be biased, but the colors, the smell of the leaves, the crunching of leaves underfoot and then crunching on a fresh picked apple. Oh yeah, and the cider and donuts! Ahh. Plain with coffee, cinnamon-sugar with fresh apple cider, powdered sugar on the ride home. Ahhh.

Now that my family knows I am not going over to the dark side and saying I found better donuts I will tell you about these amazing things they call apple cider donuts. I can’t believe I finally found actual fresh donuts in the vicinity of fresh apple cider only a half and hour away!

We found the cutest, little, old family farm in Longmont called YaYa Farm and Orchard. There were horses to pet and chickens to see. (Maiya is crazy about animals right now.) We went on a tractor hay ride around the apple trees. Most of the trees were really young and didn’t even have apples on them, so it was a funny sight, but we watched a guy make apple cider by hand! How cool is that. And then we got to try it! Poured out of the Mason jar he made the cider in that was crawling with the same bees  that helped to pollinate the trees that made the apples… And then we bought fresh apple cider donuts. Oh boy, I have never had anything like it. The donuts were so soaked in cider that you felt like you took a gulp of cider and a bite of donut at the same time. And the crunchy sugary outside. And the smell, seriously, WOW! The texture of the donut was a bit spongy-er than Michigan donuts, but that was all made up for in the apple cider. And now all I can think of is making a Rum-soaked donut.

Wow, can you tell I am happy?

that is a honeycrisp apple!