ultimate bed-head with classic Mason rock face

the back is even better

Way back in the beginning of August we spent two weeks in Michigan visiting my family…aka the people for whom this blog was created…aka the people with whom I am the most comfortable with outside of Clint, Mason, and Maiya…aka my best friends…aka the people who I did not appreciate enough when I lived near them and I now miss dearly now that I am so far away. I love you guys!

We had a great time. No epic adventures, just hanging out talking about whatever crazy thing crossed our mind, eating lots of ice cream and trying to make s’mores over an electric stove. Oh wait, was that supposed to be a secret?

I didn’t have our camera with us so all of these pictures are from Clint’s iphone. It took me awhile to actually take a picture without turning the camera off, so I missed lots of good shots due to my turtle-like learning style.

Cider and donuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fresh picked MICHIGAN APPLE!

only in Detroit

nothing like a nap with Grandma. Thanks Mom for the much needed break!

kidnapped by my sisters for sushi and drinks. THANK YOU!

baby lover

"Mom, when can I grow up to be a daddy?"

Maiya in Uncle Nee's shoes