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to wear a colander on your head

This was taken last summer when we were making Clint’s birthday cake. We needed a chef’s hat and I thought the colander would work perfectly.

Now I know why I thought it was such a good idea. My mom just found this picture of me:

Mason stopped napping regularly right about the time we moved to Colorado. He stopped napping completely sometime around last Christmas. I thought my life was over. I can’t explain what it is like to be around this kid all day long with no break. He is exhausting! Add Maiya to the mix and you will totally understand why I need a glass of wine by the time they are tucked into bed for the night. (Ok, sometimes 2 glasses.) Now on a rare occasion I can convince Mason to have quiet time in his room. Even rarer are the times that the stars are aligned and when I check on him I see this:

(making that mess must have made him so tired)

(note the blankie sniffing even while sleeping)


Maiya turns 16 months today and I think it is safe to say that she is a little hooligan. She is ridiculously cute and knows it. I mean look at this picture. I’m in the kitchen for 30 seconds and she decides that snacks now have to be eaten standing on a piano. But when I walk in the room she smiles at me and shows me her bunny cracker and says “hop, hop” of course with a look like “What mess Mom?”

click on this one!


Look Mom, a Daddy grasshopper is carrying his baby!

Maiya is an outdoor girl. Every morning while Mason is watching his cartoon, she is standing at the door yelling OUTSIDE! Every time I say “Do you want a snack?” Maiya yells “YEAH, YEAH, YEAH, OUTSIDE! SHOES! HAT! OUTSIIIIIDE!” and Mason says “Mom I want don’t want to go outside.” I’m pretty sure he does it just be difficult, but it has been so hot that most of the time I am on his side. These pics are from an afternoon last week that we were hanging out in the backyard. I guess even the baby has to be right sometimes.

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the smell of these donuts.

Nothing like fresh donuts


pure bliss


That is about as close as I can get to describing the experience of eating fresh donuts.

Yes, I found fresh donuts in Colorado! They do exist! Now I am going to put this out there-there is no comparison to a crisp fall day at the apple orchard/cider mill in Michigan. Maybe it’s because it’s in my Michigander genes to be biased, but the colors, the smell of the leaves, the crunching of leaves underfoot and then crunching on a fresh picked apple. Oh yeah, and the cider and donuts! Ahh. Plain with coffee, cinnamon-sugar with fresh apple cider, powdered sugar on the ride home. Ahhh.

Now that my family knows I am not going over to the dark side and saying I found better donuts I will tell you about these amazing things they call apple cider donuts. I can’t believe I finally found actual fresh donuts in the vicinity of fresh apple cider only a half and hour away!

We found the cutest, little, old family farm in Longmont called YaYa Farm and Orchard. There were horses to pet and chickens to see. (Maiya is crazy about animals right now.) We went on a tractor hay ride around the apple trees. Most of the trees were really young and didn’t even have apples on them, so it was a funny sight, but we watched a guy make apple cider by hand! How cool is that. And then we got to try it! Poured out of the Mason jar he made the cider in that was crawling with the same bees  that helped to pollinate the trees that made the apples… And then we bought fresh apple cider donuts. Oh boy, I have never had anything like it. The donuts were so soaked in cider that you felt like you took a gulp of cider and a bite of donut at the same time. And the crunchy sugary outside. And the smell, seriously, WOW! The texture of the donut was a bit spongy-er than Michigan donuts, but that was all made up for in the apple cider. And now all I can think of is making a Rum-soaked donut.

Wow, can you tell I am happy?

that is a honeycrisp apple!

There is a wildfire burning near Boulder that you may have heard about. We are a safe distance away, but 169 people have already lost their homes. My heart hurts for those people and I wish them nothing but good fortune in the future.

We happened to be out driving around on Monday on our way to a state park. We took some pictures not knowing what it was at first.

Driving through Boulder you could smell the fire, and when we got to the point where the roads were closed off you could see ash falling on the car window.

On our way back we got a few more pictures.

ultimate bed-head with classic Mason rock face

the back is even better

Way back in the beginning of August we spent two weeks in Michigan visiting my family…aka the people for whom this blog was created…aka the people with whom I am the most comfortable with outside of Clint, Mason, and Maiya…aka my best friends…aka the people who I did not appreciate enough when I lived near them and I now miss dearly now that I am so far away. I love you guys!

We had a great time. No epic adventures, just hanging out talking about whatever crazy thing crossed our mind, eating lots of ice cream and trying to make s’mores over an electric stove. Oh wait, was that supposed to be a secret?

I didn’t have our camera with us so all of these pictures are from Clint’s iphone. It took me awhile to actually take a picture without turning the camera off, so I missed lots of good shots due to my turtle-like learning style.

Cider and donuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fresh picked MICHIGAN APPLE!

only in Detroit

nothing like a nap with Grandma. Thanks Mom for the much needed break!

kidnapped by my sisters for sushi and drinks. THANK YOU!

baby lover

"Mom, when can I grow up to be a daddy?"

Maiya in Uncle Nee's shoes

We have been battling an annoying cold this week. I’m pretty sure I have mentioned it here before how Mason is when he is sick….NOT FUN. Add Maiya teething and snotty, Clint being sick, and pms for me and it all culminated in one really crappy day with me wanting to dump the kids in daycare and let them see how much they appreciate me now… Luckily I happened to upload this video I took of the kids last week and remembered once again why I am so lucky to be MOM and now I feel better. (It helps that the kids are asleep too.)

One of our favorite things to do is listen to old records and “Dance our pants off!” You are in luck, Mason keeps his pants on this time. Maiya, not so much.

Mason is working on some new dance moves…

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