It finally happened! At 6:30pm on Wednesday August 25,2010 Mason got a haircut. We broke down and shelled out the big bucks to take him to Cool Cuts 4 Kids. Let me tell  you, just the name of the place makes me want to puke, and if you’ve never been inside one of these places, well I hope you are sitting down. Sensory overload to the max. I have heard some not so good stories about kids and meltdowns in places like these. Kids who wanted to get their haircut, so I set myself up for the worst and hoped for the best. Little did I know that it would be me wiping the tears away and needing and ice cream cone to “feel me better.”

So, you’ve seen the before and after, and most of you know the story, but how did we finally get Mason to come within 10 feet of a pair of scissors? Well, I was prepared for some serious bribes(ice cream being one of them) and some serious pinning down and cutting involving a bowl and a pair of scissors-which could not have ended well, but in the end it was Mason’s choice…well kind of. I had figured in the heat of summer with all that long hair under his bike helmet that Mason would break down and ask for a haircut. That did not happen. So then i figured that when we were in Michigan I would have my friend DJ cut his hair. What boy wouldn’t want a pretty girl who works at the coolest, most rock, hair salon you have ever seen give him a haircut. Mason loved DJ up until the point that she told him her job is to cut hair. Then all that spewed out of his mouth was NONE DAY! I guess my figuring is a little off.

We made it back home with Mason days from starting preschool and his hair covering his eyes.

Oh shit.

So one night Clint got the scissors out and cut Mason’s bangs (yes, when it’s that long they are bangs) to show him that it doesn’t hurt to cut hair. After a lot of screaming and rivers of tears Mason was maybe 50% convinced. So I broke out the website for Cool Cuts and showed him pictures and told him about the Thomas the Train set in the waiting room, the choice of movies-Toy Story or Cars- and that his haircut was called the Cool Cut(and would cost me a good $20!) Clint broke out the “You want all the girls to like you in preschool don’t you?” Somehow the stars were aligned and Mason went from NONE DAY! to when can I get a COOL CUT?! His idea.

could have had a mullet!

I’m not sure if it is because we promised Mason we wouldn’t use the buzzer or if it was because our $20 went to financing the “all things made with primary colors” industry, but Whoa! what a hack job. Which is when I was tearing up. Ok, and because I watched my son transform into a school age kid and in two days he would be off to preschool and I was losing a piece of my heart and my insides were all in knots and PLEASE STOP GROWING UP FOR JUST A MINUTE HERE!

Maiya was very concerned

All went well. Mason loved his COOL CUT. Don’t call it a haircut because he will correct you. We didn’t need any extra bribes. The free lollipop was enough and I went home an sobbed. Don’t worry, I got it all out Wednesday and Thursday night so that Friday morning I didn’t lose it and scare all of the kids.