Nice piece of information here: When I was pregnant with Mason I went to see Tool twice (once when I was barely showing and some chick rubbed my belly and proclaimed he would be a rockin baby, and then again a week before I was due) and I also saw Pearl Jam sometime in the middle. That kid got to experience more awesome concerts in the womb then he may see in his whole life. When I was pregnant with Maiya I got free tickets to go see Madonna. I’ve never been a huge Madonna fan, but that was a pretty impressive show! Whatever she is doing-yoga, starving herself, colon cleanses, I should be doing because I want to look and move like that! Anyway, I didn’t know I was having a girl at the time, but figured I must be if “it” was going to a Madonna concert. Julie, Pammy and Cat will totally know why I had to buy Maiya this shirt. Girl Power!

Pioneer for new hair products...aka breakfast

She was totally at that tour...I think it was the Paris show