You may be wondering what happened to Mason’s eye in recent pics. No, it was not from Maiya punching him, although she has made him cry on several occasions-that baby has a mean streak!

Last week I thought it would be fun to get the kids out of the house and take them to a park. Mason loves riding his bike and he is awesome at it, but I get really stressed out worrying if he is going to stop when I tell him to or keep going right into the street in front of a car.  He rides so fast that I have to run to keep up with him and if I don’t he can’t hear me yelling at him. Anyway, he is rocking the bike, but still working on the whole listening thing. Drives me crazy. So I had this genius idea that I would take him to a park near our house with nice paved paths that are isolated so he could ride without trouble and I could run with Maiya in the stroller. After filling everyones water bottles, packing a snack, finding shoes and hats, smothering kids in sunblock, loading the stroller, Mason’s bike, and helmet into the truck we headed for the park. Then I unloaded everyone and everything and off we went down the path. Yes, down. I forgot how steep the hills were on the path and Mason was FLYING downhill. Now, the kid can ride a bike downhill. He uses his brakes and makes sure he has control of the bike. He must have gotten distracted, or hit his brakes too hard because next thing I know it he and his bike were a tangled crying mess. And the guy we passed along the way that was giving me dissaproving looks-well I’m sure he heard it all and I felt like a real jerk of a mom. Except, that after a few minutes and some water, Mason was fine and was riding his bike back UPHILL. He is a rockstar on his bike! He was pretty mad when I tried to clean his cut before we left. (By the way I spent more time loading and unloading then we did playing.) After that and ever since then, he has not complained once. Today before bed he asked Clint “Why does my skin feel crinkly?” Clint told him it was his scab. Mason says “Scabs are cool! I look like I got into a fight with a coyote or something!”

That was my version of the story. Here is Mason telling his version: