Friday afternoon it was too hot to go outside so we decided to have a Teddy Bear Picnic. The decision went more like this:

Mason: We should have a picnic today, but not outside because there are too many bees.

Mom: OOOoooh!!! We can have a Teddy Bear Picnic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mason: A what?

So I had the privilege of explaining to Mason what a Teddy Bear Picnic was, and that when I was little, Grandma Gudenau used to make them for me and when Aunt Pammy and Uncle Matt and Uncle Neil were little I used to make the Teddy Bear Picnics for them. He was pretty excited. Especially when I gave him the job of inviting all of the stuffed animals in the house to our picnic and setting them up.

no bologna and cheese, but this will do

Stuffed animals need water too!

It was one of those fulfilling mom moments when you realize you are doing something totally silly and seemingly not very important, but you realize how much it makes your kids happy and in turn how something so silly can fill you with so much happiness and love that you are almost in tears it is that overwhelming. Yes, I have days where I want to crawl under a rock and pretend I am not having feelings that I hate being a stay at home mom, but days like Friday remind me that I never could have imagined being this happy or doing something so meaningful.

too old for mommy's help already

We listened to the Black Keys, had a nice lunch, fed the teddy bears, and had lots of fun. The best part was when Maiya crawled up to me with her blanky and laid on my lap for an entire song and Mason gave all of the stuffed animals blankets and pillows and he curled up with his blanky and we all had a few nice quiet moments.

I think the colorful monkey was at some of the picnics back in the 90's

crawl around, take a bite, crawl some more

I took a video-since I haven’t figured out how to freeze time yet…