These are all old quotes from Mason that I had saved in a draft post. I don’t know why I have been hoarding them there, so here you go…

“Dad, You’re a pretty freeking cool guy!”

This is an old one from our travels to Michigan: I dropped a diaper (dirty, but closed and clean on the outside) on the ground at a rest area and asked Mason if he would pick it up for me since I was holding Maiya. He was about to pick it up and stopped and said “No.” I told him it wasn’t a poopy diaper and he responded “but Maiya still farts in it.”

Mom: Do you want to go to storytime tonight?

Mason: No. I don’t like the songs.

Mom: Why not?

Mason: They are weird. I just like books.

(ok, maybe I should let him listen to some kids music. but Mason and Maiya’s favorite band right now is the Black Keys, how cool is that?!)

Mom: What is going to happen when your hair gets real long? Mason: My hair will just keep getting cooler and cooler.

To Clint and pointing with his fork: Fork you!

“I want to be stuck in Easter forever!”

“I’m not a turducken, I’m just a weiner dog.”

“I’m not checking my blog. I’m just checking my e-mail.”

As we were getting ready for dinner. Mason and Maiya were sitting at the table. Maiya was crying. Mason says “So, there’s a baby crying over here. Does anybody know why this baby is crying?”

Mason was pretending to be a Mommy dinosaur protecting his baby (a small green puffball) from predators: with his hand held out like a stop sign he yelled: “STOP CREDITORS!!!! DON’T GET MY BABY!”