Saturday is Maiya’s first birthday!. I can’t believe it has been a year already. It seems like yesterday she was a tiny little baby with a clean slate. Everything to learn and experience ahead of her. I know 1 year isn’t much in the scheme of things, but it just amazes me how much babies learn in their first year. I mean she can crawl up the stairs in the blink of an eye, feed herself with a fork, grab a crayon and crawl up to me and say “Draw.” What I am even more amazed by is that at 2 weeks old Maiya was having severe allergic reactions to what we thought was the milk in my diet. A baby that doesn’t even eat solid food was having serious reactions to the food I was eating(from breast milk). That right there was hard to comprehend for me because Mason has never had a problem with anything he has ever eaten and that kid has had quite the variety of food(“More sashimi Mom!”) So I tried eliminating everything with milk protein out of my diet, no luck. Soy, no luck. and on and on and on. Trial and error turned out to be a whole lot of error. As most of you know, we went against all recommendations by the pediatrician and tried NAET, or as we like to call it here “Voodoo Magic.” Let me tell you, well I guess I have in every post with that title, this stuff is weird. BUT, and this is a HUGE BUT, IT WORKS! It has been 6 months since Maiya had her first normal poop after doing 9 NAET treatments and she has been pooping like a pro ever since.

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I know, if you have been following this blog you already know this. Did I just miss writing about poop? Maybe… Actually we have reached a few milestones that I have been very nervous about ever since we stopped NAET treatments. Will we have to go back? What happens when she starts eating foods she was treated for? What happens when Maiya is a year old and she can have whole milk? I seriously believe that NAET worked for us, but in the back of my head I keep wondering how long will it last and what about when she is getting all of these allergens straight from the source?

Lately we have been putting the voodoo magic to the test. A couple of months ago I started giving Maiya yogurt. This was the first real dairy she had ever had and I started noticing that every time she had yogurt she would spit up. Not immediately and not very much. Just sometime during the day she would be crawling around and spit up a quarter sized amount and then crawl right through it.  Then I noticed a few dry spots on her legs that looked like they might be eczema coming back. And that was it. I stopped all dairy and decided to give it another month and try again. (Mind you she has been drinking dairy formula twice a day, and breast milk twice a day with no diet restrictions on my part and she hasn’t had any problems.)

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So in the past few weeks as Maiya has been demanding more and more freedom by throwing temper tantrums if I don’t let her climb where she wants to, I have given her more food freedom. And oohhhh the poop talk begins again. Corn in her poop, peas in her poop, is that worms? oh wait I think that was an orange. Maiya has been eating cheese and yogurt, and pretty much everything that we eat. For dinner tonight she had turkey chili. I haven’t noticed any severe reactions to all of this new food, but there have been some signs that make me nervous. Little dry patches on her legs, tiny amounts of spit up, and red in her diaper that is still to be determined. First I thought for sure it was watermelon because she could eat a whole watermelon if you let her, then I decided it must be blood, then I remembered she had red pepper that day. So I am trying to keep my cool and trust in NAET. If there is still red in her diaper next week I will bring it with me to her 12 month check up. Oh what a glamorous life it is to be a mom-nose in poop every day and for fun you get to bring old poopy diapers and make strangers investigate it!

Today we reached the big milestone. Today I decided to replace one of Maiya’s bottles with a cup of whole milk. Here is where I realize that Mason-my difficult baby wasn’t so bad sometimes. He was always happy to try new things. I had zero problems weaning him, putting him on a bottle, switching to a cup, switching to milk. “What’s this mom? Oh ok, thanks!” Maiya on the other hand was not to thrilled about missing out on her afternoon bottle. She took a few sips here and there but mostly was not interested. And I was sitting there going “that is whole milk! do you realize how good that is? whole milk, not nasty formula, rich creamy whole milk!” She didn’t get the message. So long story short, we will try again tomorrow maybe with the milk in the bottle for now. Oh yeah I had a point here. Maiya has whole milk in her system! I have no idea how the next few days will go. I am holding my breath and will keep you updated…

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