We have two parks close by. One is a park with toys that we call the “Toy Park” and the other is an open space park with a lake and lots of prairie dogs that we call the “Prairie Dog Park” I know we are so creative! Anyway, now that the weather is nice we will be spending as much time as possible outside. Getting out of the house with two kids is still an entirely huge ordeal. So if we made it all the way to the park we are doing good….until Maiya falls asleep for the last few minutes of the walk home in turn ruining any chances for a nap that day and I am once again left wondering “Why do we leave the house?”

During that two-day period last year when we were looking for houses we accidently ended up at the “Prairie Dog Park” We got out of the car and saw a lake and a huge open field of PRAIRIE DOGS! Well the lake was nice, but the prairie dogs sealed the deal. Here is where I admit to being totally weird just in case you didn’t think so already. I LOVE prairie dogs. Every time I went to the Detroit Zoo I would drag whomever I was with to the complete opposite side of the zoo right next to the farm exhibit and I would make them watch the prairie dogs. Can you believe that we live across the street from prairie dogs?! We do! I swear! Ok, maybe you would be more impressed that Clint has seen coyotes and snakes at this park, but not me.

So we go for walks often to see the prairie dogs and I’m not sure who gets more excited, me or Mason.

It is fun to watch the how the park changes from dry and brown with an iced over lake to green with a brilliant blue lake with nice beaches to green with flowers and cacti and a lake littered with boats in the summer. (I swear this lake should not be allowed to have boats, but people here are like “HONEY! WE FOUND WATER!!!)

These pics are from about a month ago and the ones on smugmug(on the left) are from last weekend. We spent a morning on the beach. Clint and I took turns running and Mason spent the entire time making dams in the little stream of water running out to the lake.  Turns our Maiya likes dirt. We were all so dirty on the way home that it looked like we had been lost in the wilderness for days-not gone for a couple of hours across the street.!

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