Wake up Mason! The Magical Easter Bunny was just here! YOU JUST MISSED HIM! I think he left you something.

And that is how our Easter started. Right about now you are probably thinking “They won’t tell that kid about Santa, but the Easter Bunny, c’mon now!” Well actually we had been joking with Mason all week about the Magical Bunny that hops around and delivers candy. A few nights before Easter we were walking outside and saw a real bunny hopping around and I asked Mason if he thought he was the Easter bunny and he replied “No, he doesn’t look very Eastery.”

look at Eon!

look at Eon!

So when we wanted to wake up Mason without the usual madness that goes along with waking up a sleepy 3 year old, Clint told him he just missed the Easter Bunny. Somehow Mason started to believe in the Easter Bunny and he was having so much fun that I was starting to feel guilty that we are such jerks for not letting Mason believe in the old fat guy who sneaks into your house on Christmas Eve and leaves presents in exchange for cookies. By the way where the hell does Stranger Danger fit in to this whole scenario?

searching for eggs

Anyhow, at breakfast we started asking Mason questions. Like who do you think really left you those eggs? It was hilarious. He kept going back and forth like he really wanted to believe because he wanted more candy, but he knew better. In the end, when our neighbor asked Mason if the Easter Bunny brought him anything, he laughed, pointed at Mom and Dad and said “Those guys did it!”

Maiya found some puffs!

mmm puffs!

So that is that. No Santa, no Easter Bunny, watch out Tooth Fairy, because Mason’s parents are jerks. honestly I don’t have anything against the whole thing, I just can’t bring myself to tell my son that I work so hard to be open and honest with that there is a giant bunny hopping around pooping jelly beans and filling plastic eggs with the same cheesy bunnies that are in the pantry.

look at her cheeks!

I digress.

We had a fun Easter. Started it out with an Easter Egg hunt. Mason and Maiya had fun searching for eggs and eating treats along the way.

oooh someone found a chocolate

Then we had Mason find clues and go on a wild goose chase throughout the house ultimately to find a new lego duplo set.

pure joy

This was part Easter present/part potty training reward. Mason hasn’t worn pull-ups to bed in at least a couple months now and has only had one accident. Yay Mason! He spent the rest of the day busy playing blocks. Oh the joy of a new toy!

I made a nice dinner-roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, roasted asparagus and Strawberry-Rhubarb pie for dessert. The weather was beautiful so we even had time for a bike ride. I love Easter just because we make it a day to spend some good quality time together. No schedules or plans, just hanging out in our jammies, playing and eating. This is what Mason told me at the end of the day. ” I want to be stuck in Easter forever!”