About a week and a half ago Aunt JuJu (Julie just in case you were wondering) came to visit. She just missed some beautiful warm weather, but made it just in time for a nice March snowstorm.

Winter fun in March

We spent all day Friday hanging out with the kids and watching the snow from the window. Luckily for me Aunt Juju wasn’t too concerned about seeing Colorado and all its glory and was happy to experience somewhat of a “normal” day. Little did she know that her “vacation” would be spent on booger patrol. Mason has been sick with a bugger of a cold for over two weeks now and poor Aunt Juju got to experience first hand what fun it is to have a sick Mason around.

Most of our days went like this: you hear Mason sneeze, then “Oooooohhhhawwwwweeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!” then “Aunt Juju will you wipe my nose with a booger rag?” Yeah, I said it we use booger rags in these parts. This is not my attempt to save the planet one Kleenex at a time, Mason just has it in his head that a washcloth is hands down much better than a Kleenex. It started out being called a hankie and in his sick cloudy brain learning a new word was just too much so he decided it was a yankie and then it was a snot rag and now he lovingly calls it his booger rag. Sick. I know. Tree-hugging Karyn is now begging please, for goodness sake just use a Kleenex!

Not sure if Maiya is more happy to be outside or use Mason's blanky

that kid is getting heavy!

Anyway, I am bummed that Julie got stuck in our germ fest, but she took it like a woman and wiped that kids nose for FIVE DAYS! Besides that we had a great visit. It was so wonderful to have my sister around and it made me so happy that Julie was able to experience the kids how they are at home. We went for a nice scenic drive one afternoon, and the Denver Aquarium another, and we even made it to the “prairie dog park” on her last day here. I think my favorite moments were Julie being able to read Mason his bedtime stories and hearing them just talking, when Maiya was crawling on Julie and giving her huge drooly wide open mouth kisses and staying up late drinking wine with my sis.  Thanks for coming Aunt Juju! We can’t wait for more visitors and I promise you won’t have to be on booger rag duty…

Just the girls