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Mason threw some food on the ground at dinner. I told him he wasn’t allowed to do that. “But Mom, the ground is the new garbage.”

Stella (our cat) walked by “Mom, I just saw Stelly.”  “Her was typing an e-mail.”

Mason’s latest joke. This one is an original (with some help from Mom and Dad)

“What do veggies do when they vegitate?

“They find inner peas!”

Last week we had some refreshingly nice weather. Nice enough to get the kids out to the park. (I know, in the first week in March?! I love Colorado weather!) We met some friends at a big park and Mason had a great time running around. Maiya was super happy just to be outside and we have also discovered that she loves the baby swing. We had a great time, and when no-nap-Mason had run himself to the brink of a meltdown we loaded up in the car and headed home. I started out in a good mood. Happy we were able to get outside and real happy knowing that the kids would sleep good that night.

Halfway through the drive home I started getting this nagging uncomfortable feeling. It took me a minute to figure out what my deal was, but I realized that this was the first time I had taken Mason to a busy park with lots of people since last summer. Now I hate to sound like a totally neurotic mom, but lets face it, I AM. So, my deal is that busy public places make me nervous when I have Mason with me. When he was born, my plan was to hold onto him until he went to college. As he got a little older, I relaxed some and planned to only take him to non-crowded places unless he was securely strapped behind a five-point harness. Last summer I was ok with letting him run around the park as long as I could see him and he could see and hear me. So yeah, I get that the whole growing up process has started and as he gains more independence I have to start letting go. That was my first thought when he started walking “First he walks away from me and next thing you know it he will be driving away.” And when Maiya started crawling, I was already mourning her going away to college. I know this sounds dramatic but some of the big milestones are also reminders to me that the more independence they gain, the more control I lose. (I suppose I am a control freak also.) I read once that you have to start letting go the day your baby is born. And my reaction to that was NO WAY. I will hold their hand every step of the way. I get it now and I realized that I can do both, just not the way I planned. By teaching my babies the skills they will need to become happy, well-adjusted toddlers, and teenagers, and one day adults. So this is where I am right now. We have come to the point where I need to teach Mason an important lesson and I’m stuck. I don’t want to confront it, but I know I can’t avoid it. So here we go…

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