Ok, when you say you are getting back to your roots you are OLD.  As if the two kids, wiley gray hairs, and grocery-wagon car did not signify my oldness enough, I just titled my post “Getting back to my roots”  O   L   D    OLD! I would like to point out now that I used to drive a sporty red convertible BMW. I will always have that, even if it is a distant memory. Now I feel a little better.

In order to keep our sanity Clint and I have decided to do something we should have been doing for years. We are each taking an evening out on our own during the week. This is where we realized that we were getting back to our roots. Clint is going to play bass with a band and I am going to the library. In other words Clint is reviving his rocking days and I am getting my nerd on.

Spending my time at the library doesn’t sound very exciting, but oh is it glorious! Books and magazines, movies and music, wireless internet, and it’s all FREE! I forgot how much I love just walking through the aisles of books, wandering around checking out all the possibilities of new things to learn(one day when I actually have time…) and remembering old books I have read. Yes, if you didn’t know it yet-I fully admit to being a library loving book NERD. Although at the moment the free wi-fi is pretty useful so I can work on this here blog and maybe make a grocery list, and so I have yet to get a chance to actually check out a book!

My new discovery that I never really appreciated back in the day was peace and quiet. I sat at a table for an hour and a half and didn’t speak a single word! For the first half hour every time someone walked by I was on edge thinking they would need something from me, until it occurred to me that no one needed me to wipe their nose or read them a story or even make a bulldozer out of blocks, and they weren’t going to need me! So for one night a week I get a chance to clear my head and recharge so that when I am home with the kids, hopefully I can be a better mom.