Maiya has grown a lot in the past month. So much, that I am starting to lose track of when she learned what.

She is full-on crawling now. Just today she saw Clint walk downstairs and then Mason follow him and realized “Hey, I can go over there too!” so she crawled across the room and right to the top of the stairs. Oh, boy, let the babyproofing begin.

Not only does Maiya have her first nasty cold including puking on me. (Whoa flashbacks of her allergy problems and late nights of getting puked on.) She thought it would be a good time to cut not one, but TWO teeth this week. (Why do my kids always get two teeth at a time?) My poor baby has been miserable. She won’t eat and has been having trouble sleeping and is trying to chew on anything hard she can find like the door molding or mostly Mason’s toys. Today she is smiling more and hasn’t puked at all so I think we are improving. Anyway, chalk that up to one nasty cold and the tooth count is up to 4-three on the bottom and one on top.

Maiya can pick up cheerios. It’s funny to watch because that girl will put anything within 5 feet in her mouth, but she picks up a Cheerio and gets it stuck to her hand and waves to me. I put them in her mouth and she loves eating them.  After a few days of this she managed to get one in her mouth but that is as far as we have gotten.

She can also drink water out of a sippy cup. She can bring it to her mouth and tip it up to get the water out. She has a few different kinds, but she prefers the one that Grandma Gudenau got her for Christmas-thanks Mom! A little more practice and we will start getting rid of the bottles.

When Maiya crawls, her favorite thing to do (next to chasing the cat) is to crawl over to the tv stand and pull herself up on her knees. I think we are going to start placing bets on when she will pull herself up on her feet.

Not sure if this really counts as talking, but Maiya is a babbling fool now. Most of it is nonsense, but I swear she can say “yeah, Dad” and “Hi Dad” we are working on “Hi Cat”

I know, I know, all these milestones and where are the movies? Right now my hands are busy wiping noses and butts, so when the kids are feeling better we will get some video so you can see the real thing.