Since I spend most of my time blogging about poop I was thinking I would change things up a little and change the topic to BOOGERS! Last week Mason came down with a mild cold. Well, it should have been mild. Clear runny nose and a cough, not the end of the world…until you ask Mason. Every few hours he would tell me “Mom, I’m still sick.” and every time his nose started dripping snot he would yowl “Ahhhhowooooooooeeeeeooohhhh!” The problem here is that Mason is not very experienced at being sick. And one of the downfalls of that inexperience is that he still doesn’t know how to blow his nose. And let me tell you, teaching a kid to blow his nose is NOT EASY! Tell him to blow out and he sucks the boogers in. Wait, lets back up here, it took me no less than four days of yowling to even convince him to try and blow his nose. He preferred screaming and holding a kleenex until I could come and wipe his nose. I tried to give him a washcloth and call it a hanky so that he could wipe his own nose, but somehow it turned into Mason yelling “Ahhwoohee, Mommy, where is my yanky?”  Anyway, he is finally getting better at blowing his nose. Now he actually grabs a kleenex (most of the time) and asks “Mom, could you help me with this please?”

Mason is now at the tail end of his cold and now guess what? Maiya has a runny nose and a cough Ugh! And she does NOT LIKE HER NOSE TO BE WIPED AT ALL! We’ve got the kids on Chinese herbs, plenty of liquids, and rest, well-apparently they didn’t get the memo about needing lots of rest.

How did Maiya get sick? Two words ESKIMO KISSES!

my babies!