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I am always talking about what Maiya is learning (which by the way, she was/is cutting three teeth not two all at the same time) and I realized that Mason is not getting enough blog fame for what he has been learning. His milestones are very different now. Instead of specific moments of “he can walk”, or “he can say this word” now things just kind of happen and then you realize “Wow, he really knows how to do that now.” So here is what Mason has been up to:

Mason recently learned to play Tag and Hide and Go Seek. He still prefers to play Chase over Tag, but Hide and Go Seek is huge in our house right now. When he hides he is actually pretty good about finding a good spot on his own, but when you go to look for him he just giggles uncontrollably and will totally answer your questions like “Is he behind the couch?” “No!” He always wants Mom or Dad to hide and he looks for us in the funniest places where we never could fit. When we play during the day, I have to hide with Maiya and she is one loud baby-she always gives us away! The best part is that Mason can count to ten flawlessly now. He tries to count to 20, but it always comes out 1-10 and then 11,14,17,4, 15, 20 READY OR NOT HERE I COME!

Mason can open the car door and hop in his seat on his own. He can go pee and wash his hands on his own. He helps me with laundry and almost always will get things for me when I ask him to. He can answer the phone and have a conversation. He can draw trucks with two wheels and a cab and a guy driving. He even knows that two o’s make the oo sound like in food.

still learning...

Mason tells us he loves us now. Every night since he was born I have told him “I love you.” and just recently he has started saying it back on his own. That is about the cutest thing ever! Well this is pretty darn cute too: Randomly throughout the day Mason will say “Mom, I like you.” or “Dad, you are a pretty cool guy.” or “Mmm these pancakes are really good. Thank you for making these for me Mom!”

As cute as that kid is he can be just as mean. He is starting to back talk “No, you go in time-out Mom!” and I can tell him something very simple that he should be expecting because it is part of our everyday routine like “No, you can’t watch a second cartoon because we need to eat breakfast.” and Mason will YELL at me “That is a MEAN idea mom!!!”

But then he says stuff like when Maiya was sick and crying nonstop before bed “Goodnight Mai-Pai. You’ll feel better in the morning.”

He is growing up so fast!

Clint was trying on a sport coat at Kohls (I know we are big spenders! Who doesn’t love Kohls?) Anyhow, we were shopping for something on the nicer side to wear to the Boa Chinese New Year Party. Apparently we don’t dress up often because Mason said


Ok, when you say you are getting back to your roots you are OLD.  As if the two kids, wiley gray hairs, and grocery-wagon car did not signify my oldness enough, I just titled my post “Getting back to my roots”  O   L   D    OLD! I would like to point out now that I used to drive a sporty red convertible BMW. I will always have that, even if it is a distant memory. Now I feel a little better.

In order to keep our sanity Clint and I have decided to do something we should have been doing for years. We are each taking an evening out on our own during the week. This is where we realized that we were getting back to our roots. Clint is going to play bass with a band and I am going to the library. In other words Clint is reviving his rocking days and I am getting my nerd on.

Spending my time at the library doesn’t sound very exciting, but oh is it glorious! Books and magazines, movies and music, wireless internet, and it’s all FREE! I forgot how much I love just walking through the aisles of books, wandering around checking out all the possibilities of new things to learn(one day when I actually have time…) and remembering old books I have read. Yes, if you didn’t know it yet-I fully admit to being a library loving book NERD. Although at the moment the free wi-fi is pretty useful so I can work on this here blog and maybe make a grocery list, and so I have yet to get a chance to actually check out a book!

My new discovery that I never really appreciated back in the day was peace and quiet. I sat at a table for an hour and a half and didn’t speak a single word! For the first half hour every time someone walked by I was on edge thinking they would need something from me, until it occurred to me that no one needed me to wipe their nose or read them a story or even make a bulldozer out of blocks, and they weren’t going to need me! So for one night a week I get a chance to clear my head and recharge so that when I am home with the kids, hopefully I can be a better mom.

Smooth Criminal

Mason was staring straight into a light bulb then squinted at me. “Why are you green mom?”

One day Maiya and Mason were playing together in our room while I put on some makeup and I caught Mason talking to and pointing at Maiya “This is your head. That’s your brain. That is your nose, and here are your cheeks.” I asked him what he was doing “I’m teaching Maiya.”

I don’t know where this one came from…

Mom: “You were acting too crazy. You could have hurt Maiya. That is why you are in time out.” Mason: “Does that mean I am a criminal?”

Maiya has grown a lot in the past month. So much, that I am starting to lose track of when she learned what.

She is full-on crawling now. Just today she saw Clint walk downstairs and then Mason follow him and realized “Hey, I can go over there too!” so she crawled across the room and right to the top of the stairs. Oh, boy, let the babyproofing begin.

Not only does Maiya have her first nasty cold including puking on me. (Whoa flashbacks of her allergy problems and late nights of getting puked on.) She thought it would be a good time to cut not one, but TWO teeth this week. (Why do my kids always get two teeth at a time?) My poor baby has been miserable. She won’t eat and has been having trouble sleeping and is trying to chew on anything hard she can find like the door molding or mostly Mason’s toys. Today she is smiling more and hasn’t puked at all so I think we are improving. Anyway, chalk that up to one nasty cold and the tooth count is up to 4-three on the bottom and one on top.

Maiya can pick up cheerios. It’s funny to watch because that girl will put anything within 5 feet in her mouth, but she picks up a Cheerio and gets it stuck to her hand and waves to me. I put them in her mouth and she loves eating them.  After a few days of this she managed to get one in her mouth but that is as far as we have gotten.

She can also drink water out of a sippy cup. She can bring it to her mouth and tip it up to get the water out. She has a few different kinds, but she prefers the one that Grandma Gudenau got her for Christmas-thanks Mom! A little more practice and we will start getting rid of the bottles.

When Maiya crawls, her favorite thing to do (next to chasing the cat) is to crawl over to the tv stand and pull herself up on her knees. I think we are going to start placing bets on when she will pull herself up on her feet.

Not sure if this really counts as talking, but Maiya is a babbling fool now. Most of it is nonsense, but I swear she can say “yeah, Dad” and “Hi Dad” we are working on “Hi Cat”

I know, I know, all these milestones and where are the movies? Right now my hands are busy wiping noses and butts, so when the kids are feeling better we will get some video so you can see the real thing.

Since I spend most of my time blogging about poop I was thinking I would change things up a little and change the topic to BOOGERS! Last week Mason came down with a mild cold. Well, it should have been mild. Clear runny nose and a cough, not the end of the world…until you ask Mason. Every few hours he would tell me “Mom, I’m still sick.” and every time his nose started dripping snot he would yowl “Ahhhhowooooooooeeeeeooohhhh!” The problem here is that Mason is not very experienced at being sick. And one of the downfalls of that inexperience is that he still doesn’t know how to blow his nose. And let me tell you, teaching a kid to blow his nose is NOT EASY! Tell him to blow out and he sucks the boogers in. Wait, lets back up here, it took me no less than four days of yowling to even convince him to try and blow his nose. He preferred screaming and holding a kleenex until I could come and wipe his nose. I tried to give him a washcloth and call it a hanky so that he could wipe his own nose, but somehow it turned into Mason yelling “Ahhwoohee, Mommy, where is my yanky?”  Anyway, he is finally getting better at blowing his nose. Now he actually grabs a kleenex (most of the time) and asks “Mom, could you help me with this please?”

Mason is now at the tail end of his cold and now guess what? Maiya has a runny nose and a cough Ugh! And she does NOT LIKE HER NOSE TO BE WIPED AT ALL! We’ve got the kids on Chinese herbs, plenty of liquids, and rest, well-apparently they didn’t get the memo about needing lots of rest.

How did Maiya get sick? Two words ESKIMO KISSES!

my babies!

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