Last week I took Maiya for what should hopefully be her very last NAET treatment. Since Maiya’s poop became normal it has stayed that way. Long enough that I have even stopped inspecting it under a light with the poop 1/2″ from my face. (That and now that she is eating solid food her poop smells terrible, like horse poop to be exact.) Anyway, I am eating an unrestricted diet and Maiya is drinking Dairy formula and eating fruits, veggies and meats and we haven’t had a single poop problem. Oh the freedom!

On a side note, I took Maiya to see her pediatrician a couple weeks ago to check her weight since she was on the lighter side at her last check-up. Her weight is up and everything looks good. The Dr. started to tell me foods I could give Maiya now and she mentioned soy yogurt. I was like, “Dude, we have been over this, Maiya does not have a milk allergy! She drinks dairy formula for goodness sake!” Actually I was much nicer about it, but that was the point I got across and the Dr. laughed and said “To be honest, I’m not sure what to tell you in this situation.” And I was all “thanks for acknowledging this and I think I will keep doing what I feel is best and ignoring the majority of your advice.” honestly, that was a very proud moment for me. Not only did I get a doctor to acknowledge she didn’t know what to do instead of making something up, but the confidence that I have taking care of my kids that only has come from experience surprised me. I was pretty nervous when this all started and had I decided to try “voodoo”  on my baby and go against what her very educated pediatrician wanted me to do. Anyway, it’s a good thing it worked!

Ok, so my side note was longer than the rest of my post. Did you count how many times I typed poop yet?

ANYWAY, we tested Maiya for Vaccines and she had a sensitivity to the MMR Vaccine, DTap, and Thimerisol( the mercury laden preservative that they claim to have taken out of vaccines). So we treated her for those three and by the end of the session Maiya was strong on everything. Who knows if this will really do anything, but for a small price I at least have the peace of mind that I tried everything because I don’t really want to skip any of the vaccines. Next month we will start them again and see how Maiya reacts.

So that is it. As far as I am concerned, NAET REALLY DOES WORK! Try it! It could change your life. I am kind of sad that we are done with our regular visits to Eve. She is a great practitioner and a great person. Maiya loves her. I would highly recommend her (if you are in the Denver area contact her here). But that is it, we are done and we are ALLERGY FREE!