It seems like every time  that Mason is not acting like he needs an exorcism he is saying the FUNNIEST thing ever.

In general, we try to explain things to Mason with the correct terms and with as much information as we think he can understand. You would be surprised how much he gets. So last week Clint explained what a vasectomy was (so he would understand why Dad was lying around all weekend with frozen peas on his crotch.) The next morning Mason came up to me with his play-doh scissors. “What are you doing Mason?” “Giving you a vasectomy, Mom.” I guess he didn’t totally get that one!

One evening we were all hanging out and Clint asked Mason what he wanted to be when he grew up. “A doctor.” Oh really??? “Yeah, so I can snip your testicles and give you a vasectomy, Dad.”   It’s a good thing that kid isn’t in preschool yet…oh the phone calls from teachers I will get when he is!

This morning Mason told me his blankie smelled a little bit like poop. “Why does it smell like poop? Did you get poop on it?” “No.”  “Then why?” “Because I fart a lot at my blankie.”

Clint farted. Mason said:  “That’s a stinky fart Dad.” “That sure smells gross.” (while holding his nose) “There is a lot of stink in this house, Dad.”

and the best…

“Mom, how did you push Maiya out of your belly?” Yeah, so I know we try to explain everything to Mason, but I am just not going there!

What??? Really, there's something on my face???