NAET WORKS! Maiya has had two more appointments since her poop has been normal and now it’s official, NAET IS WORKING! We cleared spice mix at the 10th appt. and fish, casein, spleen and large intestine at the 11th appointment. I am eating a completely normal diet now with absolutely no restrictions and nothing has bothered Maiya. We plan on doing one more treatment to clear Maiya of all of the vaccines she has yet to have. This is just precautionary and completely my choice. I delayed her vaccines because her immune system was weak and plan on resuming the process once I feel she is strong enough, but since Eve can muscle test Maiya for all of the vaccines and clear them if she is allergic I will feel much more at ease when we do get her vaccinated.  I have been somewhat skeptical from the beginning, but I believed that it could work and now we are seeing the results and I cannot express how happy I am. Western medicine wasn’t getting us anywhere and Chinese medicine has made all the difference. At Maiya’s last Pediatrician appointment we were told to give her the vaccines anyway, give her formula, put steroid cream on her eczema, and that we should never get a dog because she will probably have lifelong allergies. Oh, and don’t forget the GI specialist that we were referred to who would have put a tube down her throat and up her butt. Now I don’t think the pediatrician was wrong. She gave us advice based on her training and referred us to someone else to be safe. I am just so thankful that there was a better option out there and that I didn’t have to put Maiya through any of that. It is sad that most Western docs don’t want to acknowledge alternative treatments, but I guess you can’t expect them to know everything.

If anyone out there is having problems getting results with Western medicine, you should seriously consider NAET. It can clear all sorts of problems from quitting smoking, IBS, infertility, seasonal and food allergies, the list is ridiculously long, it even claims to help autism. I know it sounds crazy, but really what do you have to lose? The whole process is noninvasive, there are practitioners all over the US and its relatively inexpensive and even covered by some insurances.

We are so thankful that we found out about NAET and that it has worked so well for us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!